Trains to and from Olbia Airport (OLB)

The airport is located in a perfect position for the arrival of international and domestic tourists, nearby many interesting towns and some magnificent sandy beaches. There are various forms of transport available from the airport; however, there is no actual train station at Olbia Airport. This does not though pose any problems to passengers wishing to continue their journey by train, as there are bus services that travel to the railway station in Olbia.

Passengers arriving at Olbia Airport will find a modern and well-equipped terminal building, which was recently completely renovated in the year 2004. Although there is no train station at the airport, passengers can use the bus services to reach the railway station in Olbia, from where connections to various places on the island are available. The buses can be found just outside the arrivals area of the terminal.

The company of ASPO operates the local buses that travel to Olbia, and there are two bus routes available from the airport. They are known as Bus No.2 and Bus No.10, and both leave for Olbia approximately every fifteen minutes to half an hour. Bus No.2 provides services from Monday to Friday, while Bus No.10 is available weekdays and public holidays. Since that Olbia Airport is so close to the town centre, the bus trip only takes a few minutes, and is a very convenient way to travel. Passengers arriving in Olbia by train can use the Bus No.2 in order to travel back to the airport. The bus services from the station are also very regular, available every half an hour or so, from 07:00 to 19:30. Other long distance coach services provide transport to areas such as Cagliari and Nuoro from Olbia Airport.

The train station in Olbia is located in Via Giacomo Pala, and is the main railway station for the town. Most railway services in Italy are managed the Ferrovie dello Stato, the state railway company, however, there are certain railway services in Sardinia which are managed by the Ferrovie della Sardegna. This company’s main service is between Cagliari and Isili, Nuoro an Macomer, from Sassari to Alghero and between Nulvi and Sorso. The Olbia Railway Station was established in 1881, and is also nearby the main bus terminus. There are various facilities at Olbia Train Station as well.

All train tickets can be purchased from the ticket office, while many stations in Italy also provide automated ticket machines. When buying train tickets in Italy, it is essential for passengers to validate their tickets in the stamping machines on the platforms before boarding the train. Conductors on the trains regularly check passengers’ tickets, and heavy fines can be issued if caught with no ticket or an invalid ticket. Disabled passengers will find Olbia Station to be accessible as well, and many of the modern bus services provide special equipment and space for passengers in wheelchairs.

Unlike on the mainland in Italy, railway transport on the island is not as popular as the bus services. Many areas in Sardinia are better connected through coach services, and buses even travel to more remote areas of the island where there are no rail services. However, the ‘Little Green Train’, or the Trenino Verde, is a much-loved train service, and an attraction in itself. Tourists and locals thoroughly enjoy a ride on this train, as it travels to the most isolated areas on the island. Its journey takes passengers between the most beautiful mountain gorges and hills, over bridges and through other railway stations. The train is a special tourist train that only operates from June to September, and is actually a lovely restored steam locomotive from the 1930’s. The steam engine pulls vintage wooden passenger cars and makes you feel as if you have taken a step back in time.

All trains in Italy are operated by Trenitalia, and more information on their services is available online, at Information for the company of Ferrovie is found at, and at

At Olbia Airport, arriving passengers can find out all the details of tourism in northeastern Sardinia from the Infodesk Ciaosardinia. Further information on railway transport is also available on Olbia Airport’s official website, at
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