Low Cost Olbia Airport Parking

Olbia Airport is perhaps better known as Costa Smeralda Airport, as it is in this coastal region that it is located. It is also only four kilometres from the town centre of Olbia, and is one of the three main airports on Italy’s island of Sardinia. The other two airports of importance on the island are Alghero Airport and Cagliari Airport, of which Cagliari is the largest. They are all international airports, serving different regions of Sardinia. Olbia Airport and Alghero are both in northern Sardinia, with Olbia to the east and Alghero to the west, while Cagliari can be found in the southern region of Sardinia. Olbia Airport handles approximately one and half million passengers per year, and has the official airport code of OLB. Olbia Airport has a variety of useful facilities, including an adequate parking area for motorists driving their own vehicle to the airport.

Although buses provide a very good service on the island, and have routes to many of the towns and cities, many residents and visitors prefer to use the facilities of Olbia Airport Car Hire where they have complete freedom to explore. Much of Sardinia is rather remote, and can only be reached by car. Some of the most beautiful beaches nearby Olbia can only be reached by car as well. Tourists who have rented a car will find that the airport is easy to access via an excellent network of prominent roads, and residents of the area will easily be able to find parking at Olbia Airport before their departure flight.

There is a large single parking area at Olbia Airport, which is divided into three sectors, namely, A, B and C. Within these sectors there is a total of 1079 parking spaces. 454 spaces are available in Sector A, 457 are available in Sector B, and Sector C has 168 parking spaces available. The parking area is open 24 hours a day, and is also considered to be a guarded car park. Passengers arriving in their own car will have no trouble in reaching the terminal from the car park, as it is located immediately opposite the building, and is within easy walking distance of the airport’s facilities. Therefore, no shuttle bus transport is needed in order to reach the terminal, as is the case at some of the larger Italian Airports.

The parking area at Olbia Airport can be used for all lengths of parking periods. Some visitors to the airport only need to stay for a few minutes, or hours, while others need to leave their vehicle at the airport for a couple of days, or even weeks. Motorists will pay €2.00 for the first hour of parking, €3.50 for the first two hours of parking, and €5.00 for three hours. From the fourth hour onwards, up until the 24th hour, motorists will be charged €0.50 for each hour. A days worth of parking is charged at €15.00, and two days will cost €25.00. Three days, or 72 hours, will cost €33.00. From the fourth day onwards, for each day of parking, or every 24 hours, motorists will be charged €3.00. Usually, the parking rates of the airport are posted at the entrance to the parking lot.

The parking fees must be paid before leaving the airport, and there are various points at which payments can be made. There are automatic parking ticket machines nearby the exit of the terminal building, and there are cash windows at the parking lot exit point. The machines can take coins or bank notes, as well as major credit cards. They will also supply you with the correct amount of change should you use cash. When motorists enter the parking area, a ticket is given, and this ticket should be kept somewhere safe, as it is used in the machines, or at the cash window when paying for the period of parking. Individuals who have already paid at the automated machines in the terminal will be allowed to leave the airport through a reserved exit, and avoid the queues at the cash window. Motorists should leave the airport immediately after paying for their ticket.

Special season parking tickets can also be purchased, and they are available from the office in the parking area. These tickets also cost slightly less for residents in the area, and are ideal for customers who regularly use the parking facilities at Olbia Airport. The cost of a monthly season ticket is  €100, while for residents it is €75.00. Tri-monthly payments are €250.00, and €220.00 for residents, and to pay per semester will cost €490.00 for non-residents, and €440.00 for residents. There are also pre-paid parking cards available from the office. The parking office at Olbia Airport can be contacted for further information at +39 0789 563471.

All parking areas at Olbia Airport are to be used at the motorist’s own risk. The airport management company cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to your vehicle by other motorists, or theft of your vehicle or any of your belongings left within the vehicle. The management company of Olbia Airport does however provide the best parking facilities possible, and aims to ensure secure and safe parking for their passengers and visitors.  

Olbia Airport is also fully accessible to disabled passengers, with lifts and ramps to facilitate access to all levels of the airport building, and adapted toilet facilities. The parking area also has forty reserved spaces for disabled drivers. These spaces are located as near to the terminal entrance as possible, to provide easy access for the passenger. It is usually required that the disabled driver displays his ‘disabled person badge’ in the vehicle.

Passengers and visitors of Olbia Airport can find out more information about the parking facilities available from the official airport website, at http://www.geasar.it/eng/airport.