Places to visit in Lamezia Terme

Calabria is an amazingly beautiful region, rich in history, traditions and landscapes. Long white beaches feature the clear waters of theIonian and Tyrrhenian sea. The golden eagle, hawk, buzzard and peregrine falcon, among others, can be spotted from the mountains of Pollino, Sila, Serre and dell’Aspromonte. Calabria is also a land of palaces, castles, churches and monasteries.

The Museo Santa Barbara (MuSaBa) is found in the Torbido River Valley near the village of Mammola, in Italy’s Southernmost province of Reggio Calabria. It is a remote region in Italy filled with fantastic legends, and the history of the various Civilizations that left their imprint on the local customs and traditions.

In Taverna, there is the Museum Civico and Pinacoteca Pretiana that holds many inspirational and beautiful paintings. There is also the Greek Antonio House Museum with it’s original structure, ancient furnace, pictures and furniture all in their same position as from many years ago.

Terme Luigiane features the Luigiane Thermal Baths, which is an ancient wellness center. It’s sulphorous waters were used to treat ailments in those living in the Middle Ages. In September, the Luigiane Thermal Baths is the venue for the ‘Luiyiano d’oro’ (Ecology Awards). In July visitors can participate in the ‘Modamare’ event in Cetraro.

Pollino National Park is situated 130km from Lamezia-Terme Airport. It is the largest protected area in Italy where visitors can enjoy a canoe down the rivers or some rafting excitement. It is home to many animals and birds.

Vibo Valentia

Vibo Valentia is approximately 43km from Lamezia Terme. It features a castle and the popular cathedral of S. Leoluca. A much loved restaurant at the Vibo Valentia Marina is the L’approdo. It is well-known for it’s traditional fish dishes and innovative meals.

In Vibo Valentia there are Greek remains that include a temple at the Hippònion Ruins.

Tropea - Calabria

Tropea is a wonderful place to buy local food and traditional pottery. Some of the shops include Antichi sapori Tropeani (Viale regina Elena), Bontà e delizie della Calabria (via indipendenza) and Pane e Sale (Largo Migliarese). Pottery in all vivid colors can be found at L’artigianato (Corso Vittorio Emanuele), La nassa (Via Umberto I ) and La Calabrisella (Via Libertà, 51).

Favorite spots for dinner are the Bar Madison, Bar I Tre porcellini, Lucignola and the Bar La munizione. All feature live music and a good selection of food and fine wine. Pizzas and pastas can be tried out at Pizzeria La Bohéme.

Tropea is famous for its beautiful white beaches that run all the way to Capo Vaticano.

Pizzo Calabro is situated 34km away from Lamezia Terme. It is an enticing seaside resort with the church of S. Giorgio and a castle nearby. The ‘Tartufo’ is a delicious local ice-cream that is a must to try.

Monasterace Marina a charming seaside village approximately 89km from Lamezia Terme. Attractions include the remains of a Greek settlement, with a temple and some Hellenic houses.

MSerra San Bruno is famous for its monastery. It is about 70km from Lamezia Terme, but cannot be entered by tourists because of the Chartusian monks’ vow of enclosure. There is though, a museum that can be visited.

Lamezia Terme is made up of three separate villages, of which Nicastro has a cathedral and the remains of a castle.

From Lamezia-Terme Airport, tourists can use the various bus services or the nearby train station to reach various destinations in Italy.