Taxis at Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF)

There is a taxi stand outside the terminal building of Lamezia-Terme Airport. The main taxi companies in Lamezia Terme are Taxi Lamezia and Lamezia Taxi.  Taxi Lamezia can be contacted at +39 0968 454 223 or +39 3334 254 735. Lamezia Taxi’s numbers are +39 3394 082 667 or +39 3292 960 870. Both companies can also be found online.

The average taxi fare to Pizza Calabro is 40 Euro, to Tropea, 70 Euro and to Vibo Valentia, about 55 Euro. The taxi fares will vary depending on your exact destination, time of travel, and the number of passengers and bags to be carried.  Often fares are more expensive for late night driving, and driving on Sundays and public holidays.

Lamezia Airport Taxis, although more costly than Lamezia Buses, are a popular alternative option for many passengers arriving at Lamezia Airport. As many visitors do not know their exact destination. In Italy, it is advisable to only use the city approved metered taxi’s.  They vary in colour, but are usually white or yellow. They can be recognized by their “TAXI” sign on the roof, and they should have an identification on the side doors, back and inside of the taxi.  These taxis all have a meter that is displayed where the passengers can see it.  There are some unauthorized taxis that look for business, especially at the airport arrival areas, that are not metered and should be avoided.  Passengers using these taxis stand the risk of being overcharged.  Authorized taxi drivers do not look for business at the airports, they are waiting in the taxi stand.  Whichever taxi company is used, passengers should always confirm the exact fare and extra charges before leaving the airport.

If you are staying at a hotel anywhere in Italy, they are most often willing to give advice on using the taxi services. They can give you an estimation what the charges should be, so that you can make an informed decision. They can also help you to understand the extra charges associated with luggage and night time travel.

There are numerous taxi stands in all the large cities of Italy. They are found at all the airports, train station and major public areas.  If there is no taxi stand nearby your location, you can always phone and order for one to come and collect you. Just keep in mind that the taximeter will be started from where the driver leaves to fetch you, and not from your location.  Hailing a taxi on the street is quite difficult, but not impossible.  The light on the roof will indicate whether the taxi is available or not.

The local authorities generally set taxi fares, and some destinations have a flat-fare rate, rather than a metered one. It is customary to offer the driver a 5-10% tip, but in general, tipping in Italy is not necessary, and not always expected.

Taking a Lamezia Airport Taxi is a very convenient and comfortable way to travel, although it will be more expensive than bus transportation.