Trains to and from Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF)

Lamezia-Terme Airport does not have it’s own train station. Passengers that would like to travel by train should take one of the shuttle buses that provide transport to the nearby train station. The closest train station is only 2km from the airport. This is the railway station of St Eufemia or Lamezia-Terme Train Station.

In 2008, Lamezia-Terme Airport took the initiative to establish a stable and reliable bus connection from the airport to the St Eufemia train station (and visa versa). The bus companies involved are Ferrovie della Calabria and Multiservizi. The shuttle buses run at a high frequency to the train station, approximately every 20minutes.

Eurail, Trenitalia and Eurostar provide an efficient way to travel in Europe. Due to the lack of air travel space and congested highways, Europe had to find another convenient transportation solution. Europe’s railway system is economical, well designed and well connected to all major cities. Travellers in Calabria can easily find rail transportation to Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and Sicily.

When traveling in Italy, there are different types of trains for various travel destinations. Locale are the slow trains that make many stops along their route. Diretto trains are a bit faster than the Locale trains and they have less stops. Expresso trains only stop at all the main towns. Eurocity travels from Italian cities to many of the major European cities and Eurostar serves the main lines, such as Rome to Florence.

Tips for train and rail travel in Italy

  • Reservations can be made online, as well as the purchase of all eurail tickets. Any additional supplements or special fares can be paid at the station’s ticket office. Many of the personnel at the railway stations speak English, but if you have any communication trouble, just write down the information for the booking clerk. Tickets can also be bought at the train stations.
  • The Eurail Pass offers various travel options. Passengers can select countries of destination, and the amount of days that they would like access to unlimited 1st class train travel. There are discounts available for groups of travellers and for individuals under the age of 26.
  • Travelling by train at night can save you money on hotel accommodations. On the train you can reserve a private sleeper or the less expensive couchettes. Overnight trains are boarded after 7:00pm to arrive at your destination early the next day. Sleeping accommodation on overnight trains must be reserved. Reservations are also required for the high-speed trains in Italy.
  • Your larger or heavier luggage can be stored in lockers at most major train stations. A smaller bag can then be used for the day while you explore the city.
  • Make sure you have a copy of all important documents, such as your passport, identification cards, insurance cards and rail pass. Keep copies in a separate place and carry all money and valuables in a money belt under your clothing. Be polite and friendly with the train personnel and other fellow European travellers.

Travelling by train in Italy and Europe can be a wonderful experience. Enjoy your time during travelling, as much as you do sightseeing.

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