Ancona Airport Taxis (AOI)

The airport is found just 18 km from the city of Ancona, and is well connected to the town by a variety of transport options. Taxi services are popular from the airport, as they are quick and convenient. Taxis are however a more expensive form of transport.

Ancona is strategically located approximately halfway down the Italian Adriatic coast, in the Marche region of central Italy. It is also approximately 200 km from Bologna, and 210 km from the large and very popular city of Rome. Ancona’s new air terminal was constructed in 2004, and is now a very comfortable and welcoming building for both arriving and departing passengers. The airport building is also very easy to navigate, as all arrivals are handled from one end of the airport, and all departures take place from the other end. There are no separate areas for domestic and international flights. Arriving passengers will easily find all the facilities they need, including the taxi services.

Taxi services at Ancona Airport can be found just outside the exit of the arrivals area. The taxis are all parked alongside the sidewalk, adjacent to the terminal building. Taxis are available at any time from the airport, but particularly during times that coincide with the flight schedules. Customers can call the taxi company in advance of their arrival at the airport, and reserve a vehicle specifically for their journey. The number to call to find out more about the airport taxis is +39 (0) 71918221.

Although taxis are more expensive than bus or train services, they are popular for many reasons. They are a quick and very convenient service, which can take you to any destination, and more importantly, to the very doorstep of your residence, hotel or place of business. Many passengers are in favour of taxis for this reason. A taxi is also more private than a bus or train, and the taxi drivers are mostly friendly and willing to help you with your luggage. However, passengers arriving at airports in Italy are warned to only use the official taxi services. Quite often there may be unlicensed drivers who offer a cheaper service to passengers in the arrival hall. Offers such as these should be declined, as the drivers are often not permitted to drive passengers from the airport, and their taxis may be underinsured. Official taxis will always be in the taxi rank at the airport, and the drivers will be waiting for passengers at their vehicles.

Taxis in Italy are generally yellow or white in colour, and are recognized by their ‘taxi’ sign on the roof. They also have an identifying number on the side; usually the drivers side, and this number can be used to file a complaint should you experience unprofessional service from the driver. Taxis in Italy run on a metered system, although certain more popular destinations can have set fares. The meter is the device in the taxi that records the length of your journey, and the taxi fare is then calculated accordingly. Passengers should always ensure their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition. It is also recommended to discuss the general taxi fare with your driver before leaving the airport. Keep in mind that there may be additional costs added to your journey that are not recorded on the meter. Additional costs are customary for luggage items loaded, late night traveling or driving on Sundays and public holidays, animals in the taxi or more than four passengers. Your taxi driver will give you more details on which costs will be applicable to your journey. At Ancona Airport, taxi fees are 30% more expensive during late night hours.

A trip by taxi from the airport to the Falconara Railway Station is approximately €13.50, while a trip to the Ancona Railway Station is around €30.00. Taxis travel to downtown Ancona for about €35.00 and to Ancona Port for about the same amount. The taxi trip to Ancona Passetto will cost approximately €40.00.

Taxis in Ancona are available to the airport from the locations mentioned above, and will take you to the departures area of the airport’s terminal building. A taxi can also be called in advance to come and collect you from your location.

There are certain private transfer services available as well, such as CTF. CTF is a relatively new service at the airport, which offers direct transport to various hotels in the area. They also provide transport to any types of events, conventions or meetings. Some the hotels included in their service are the Hotel Belvedere, Hotel Touring, Hotel Duchi della Rovere, Hotel Sporting, Hotel Concorde and the Hotel Europa. The prices of their private transfers range from around €25.00 to €85.00, depending on the hotel’s location.

Further information about the Ancona taxi services is available from the information desk in the arrivals area.