Ancona Airport Parking

Ancona Airport is located in the Marche region of central Italy, only 18 km from the city of Ancona and is strategically positioned about half way down the Italian Adriatic coast. The terminal building offers a variety of facilities, useful for arriving and departing passengers, and motorists will find that the airport has adequate parking facilities. Parking is available for long-term and short-term stays.

The airport consists of a single terminal building, which was recently renovated in 2004. It was also expanded to allow for the easier flow of passengers through the airport, and to anticipate the growth in passenger traffic towards the mid-21st century. The air terminal is now a very modern facility, and welcomes its passengers with all the amenities and comforts they may require. Currently, approximately 500,000 passengers use the airport each year, therefore, it is not exactly Italy’s largest airport, but nonetheless still international, and considered to be an important gateway to central Italy. Many passengers drive their own vehicles to the airport from Ancona and other neighbouring towns and cities, and therefore there are reasonable parking facilities available.

In total, Ancona Airport has 640 parking places, all located nearby the terminal building. There are 290 spaces for short-term parking, and 350 spaces for long-term parking. Short-term stays are ideal up to 24 hours, while long-term parking should be used if you will be going away for a couple of days or weeks. Parking prices are usually much more expensive if the short-stay area is used for longer than a day, or even a few hours. The airport operates a typical self-park system, whereby a parking ticket is collected at the entrance to the parking area.

Motorists who would like to simply drop off passengers and their luggage may do so directly outside the terminal building. This is often referred to as a pick-up or drop-off zone. Ancona Airport is one that still allows this service. Some of the larger airports in Italy no longer permit motorists to stop in front of the terminal, but rather to use the short stay parking areas. This is mainly due to security reasons.Motorists should keep in mind that this zone is not for parking, and vehicles may not under any circumstances be left unattended. Any vehicle that is found empty in this area will be towed away. It is also recommended for motorists who will be needing to wait for an arrival flight to park in the short-stay parking area, to avoid parking for long periods of time at the curb side of the terminal. Passengers may only be picked up here if they are ready and waiting for the vehicle to arrive.

Parking in the short-term parking area is free for the first half an hour of use, therefore it is a great place to park if you will not be staying long at the airport. It is ideal for collecting arriving passengers, and is located nearby the terminal. After the first free thirty minutes, motorists will be charged EUR 2.50 for the first hour of parking, and EUR 4,50 for two hours. Three hours of parking will cost EUR 5,50, while four hours will be EUR 6,50. Five hours of parking is charged at EUR 7,50. The following hours incur an additional EUR 0.80, or twelve hours of parking is around EUR 13,10. Thereafter, a day’s worth of parking is charged, and will cost EUR 22,70.

Long-term parking charges are less expensive. Any length of parking up to the first twenty-four hours will cost EUR 16,50, while from the second day, EUR 8,50 is charged per day, or part of a day’s parking usage. Seven days and seven nights of parking at Ancona Airport will cost around EUR 67,50, and fifteen days and fifteen nights will cost EUR 135,50. Thirty days and thirty nights is charged at EUR 263,00. The current parking fees are usually posted at the entrances to the parking areas.

Parking tariffs must be paid before leaving the airport, usually from automatic parking machines which accept cash or credit cards, and are able to provide change when paying in cash, or there may be a manned parking desk available, which will be open during the day. The ticket that you received on entering the car park is used to make the payment, therefore, this should always be kept in a safe place. There may be extra charges should you lose your ticket. Once you have paid for the parking, you have a few minutes to collect your car and leave the parking area. For this reason, it is best to only pay for parking when you are ready to leave.

Valet parking services are available for passengers who have little time to spare in search of a parking space, and are also ideal for families travelling with young children who would find it easier to go directly to the terminal building. In addition to all these parking options, disabled drivers will find a reasonable number of reserved parking spaces nearby the terminal. Further assistance can also be requested from the passenger’s airline company, for help with access to the terminal and departure procedures.

Further details for the parking facilities can be found on the official airport website, at, or from the information desk within the terminal building.

Map of Car Parks at Ancona Airport

Map of Car Parks at Ancona