Buses to and from Brindisi Airport (BDS)

Brindisi Airport handles around one million passengers per year, and is located only two or three kilometres from the city of Brindisi. The airport’s location also falls into the Puglia region of southern Italy. The single terminal building is reasonably well equipped for its arriving and departing passengers, with a number of useful facilities. In terms of transport, passengers will find a few options, which include bus services. There are three bus services at the airport which travel to the most popular destinations.

Bus services connect the airport to the city area of Brindisi, Lecce, which is a more popular tourist destination, and to other airports, such as Bari and Foggia. The terminal is very easy to navigate. Passengers will find the bus stops just outside the exit of the terminal building, after entering the arrivals hall. There is also a bus ticket office to the right of the arrivals area, nearby the exit. The airport information desk is on the left-hand side, and it also displays the latest bus timetables.

The Bus Service to Brindisi

The STP Bus Company, or Societa’ Trasporti  Pubblici S.p.A. (public transport) at Brindisi Airport travels to Brindisi city centre. Even though Brindisi is only a few miles from the airport, the journey by bus will take about half an hour, as it stops at many places along the way. One of the stops is at Via Colombo, which is near to the railway station, while other stops include certain hotels. This bus is available from the airport every 15 to 30 minutes throughout the day, up until around 23:00. Buses also travel in the alternative direction at regular times. A one-way ticket costs around 4 Euro.

The Bus Service to Other Italian Airports

This bus service is known as the Pugliairbus, and is a complimentary service. Pugliairbuses travel from Brindisi to Foggia and Bari, as well as between these two airports and from Foggia and Bari back to the airport. This service is only offered in the more popular and busier summer months between mid-June and mid-September. From Bari, passengers can reach Taranto, the city of Matera and also the UNESCO site. Further information and the latest timetables are available online, at http://pugliairbus.aeroportidipuglia.it. It is best to check their timetables before planning your trip to Brindisi, as their services may have changed or been updated to offer additional bus services.

The Bus Service to Lecce

Although Brindisi itself is not often on tourists’ list of most wanted-to-visit destinations, the airport is a convenient place to arrive when travelling to Lecce, and the bus company of SITA provides regular transport to this area. The full name of the bus company is Autolinea Regionale COTRAP – soc. SITA. Their bus services depart from directly outside the terminal building and travel to the Lecce City Terminal. It is considered to be a very convenient coach service, providing an easy connection to Lecce for tourists arriving for a city break. The journey to Lecce is scheduled to take approximately 45 minutes, but depending on traffic, can also be a shorter.

Buses depart from Brindisi Airport at the following times:  06:20, 09:00, 11:15, 12:40, 14:10, 15:25, 17:20, 19:15, and the last bus to depart is at 23:15. Therefore, the buses are available approximately every two hours. From the Lecce City Terminal, their departure times are as follows:  05:35, 17:20, 19:55, 12:00, 13:00, 14:50, 15:55, 18:00 and 20:15. Passengers are advised to always check the latest bus schedules before planning their holiday. The SITA bus services are also only available during the summer months, Monday to Sunday. A one-way ticket to Lecce costs around 5 Euro.

When arriving at the Lecce City Terminal, you will be unfortunately a little distance from the city centre. It is possible to walk into the heart of town, but it could be difficult with luggage to drag with you. Instead, it may be better to catch one of the local buses, such as bus 21, or the ‘Navette Foro Boario’. This bus stops alongside the large car park over the road from Lecce City Terminal. The terminal at Lecce is quite grand; featuring an office for tickets and an air conditioned waiting area with seats. The staff at the office can give you more information about the bus services in Lecce until 17:30, their closing time.

Travelling by bus to other destinations is a popular means of transport from airports all over the world, as it is relatively comfortable and very cost effective. Passengers arriving at Brindisi find the bus services to be convenient and reliable as well.
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