Brindisi Airport Taxis (BDS)

Brindisi Airport is one of Italy’s smaller airports, with around one million passengers per year. It is located in the Puglia region of southern Italy, only one or two kilometres from the city centre of Brindisi. Although Brindisi is not a major tourist destination, is nearby other popular areas, such as Lecce and Salento, and Brindisi Airport provides the perfect gateway to these areas. Due to its location, the airport is often referred to as Aeroporto del Salento, or Brindisi Papola Casale Airport. Although it is a smaller airport, the terminal building is well equipped, and there are various transportation options at the airport. There are bus and taxi services available. Many passengers enjoy taking a taxi if they can afford the higher rates of this form of transport.

Brindisi Airport consists of a single terminal building, and one runway, and is served by a small variety of airline companies. Ryanair and Alitalia are two of the main airline services at the airport. Transport from the airport is easy to find, as the bus stops and taxi rank is located directly outside the arrivals hall. Simply collect your baggage, enter the arrivals area, and exit the airport through the main doors. Although there are bus services to and from Brindisi Airport to Lecce and the city centre of Brindisi, as well as to other airports in the area – Foggia and Bari, many passengers prefer to take a taxi. Taxi services, although more expensive, provide a quick, private and convenient journey to your hotel, business location or private residence in any area.

The official taxi service at Brindisi Airport is operated by Radio Taxi, and they can be contacted at 0831 597901. It is recommended for passengers to only use the official airport taxis to avoid sub-standard service and overcharged taxi fares. It is common in Italy to be approached by drivers in the arrival halls of the airport, and offered rides at ‘low costs’ to your destination. It is best to decline these services, as they are often unlicensed drivers who are not permitted to provide taxi services from the airports. Their taxis are also often under-insured, or not insured at all. The official taxis will always be waiting in the taxi rank outside the arrivals area, and their drivers will be waiting for you at their vehicles.

Taxis in Italy are generally white or yellow in colour, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identifying number on their side (usually the drivers side). This number can be quoted to the company should you have any complaints with the service you received. Taxis in Italy, and Brindisi, are all metered. A meter is the device in the car which records the amount of kilometres travelled for your journey, and the price for the taxi trip is based on the meter. It is advised to always ensure your taxi has a meter in working condition, and that it is turned on at the start of your journey. However, always discuss and agree on some sort of price with the driver before you leave the airport, as it is more difficult to argue the price once the journey has been completed.

There may be additional charges added to your metered fare when travelling in a taxi. These may include extra costs for luggage loaded, driving late at night or on Sundays and public holidays, more than four passengers in the taxi and animals loaded. There may even be airport fees applicable when travelling to or from an airport. The additional costs are quite legitimate, and your taxi driver can give you more information about which ones will apply to your trip, and how much they will be. Always ensure that your luggage will fit into the taxi you are going to be travelling in, as hiring two taxis just to transport your luggage will be unnecessarily expensive. If you have awkward items to transport, or an exceptionally large amount of luggage, you may want to consider hiring a minivan, or making special arrangements with companies which offer private transfers from the airport.

Taxis are available from Brindisi Airport to Lecce, and this journey will cost between 50 and 70 Euros. The trip will take approximately half an hour, depending on the traffic conditions.

Passengers can also travel back to Brindisi Airport by taxi. In Italy, taxis can be quite successfully hailed from the street, or you can call the company and arrange for one to come and collect you. Otherwise, taxi ranks can be found at all the main bus and railway stations, or at busy public squares and popular tourist areas. Keep in mind that when you have called for a taxi that the meter may be switched on from where the taxi leaves to come and collect you, rather than from your starting point.

Taxis provide a comfort, reliable and quick service from Brindisi Airport to all destinations in Brindisi and its surrounding areas.