Trains to and from Brindisi Airport (BDS)

Brindisi Airport is located approximately three kilometres from the city of Brindisi, and is within the Puglia region of southern Italy. Although not a very large airport, around one million passengers do pass through Brindisi Airport each year, and like other airports in Italy, the passenger numbers are only increasing. Brindisi is a small seaport town, and not very popular as part of the main tourist trail, but there are a few attractions in the city. However, many passengers like to continue their journey from Brindisi Airport to Lecce or other holiday resorts in the Salento area. The terminal building at the airport is reasonably well equipped for the needs of passengers, but there is no railway station on the airport site. However, buses are available for transport to the Brindisi Train Station.

Brindisi Airport is also commonly referred to as Brindisi Papola Casale Airport, or Aeroporto del Salento, due to its location in these areas, and has the official airport code of BDS. Even though there is no train station at the airport, arriving passengers will easily find the bus services which connect Brindisi Train Station and the airport. The terminal building is easy to navigate, with the bus and taxi stops just outside the arrivals hall, and there is a bus ticket office just before the exit as well.

The STP public bus, or Societa’ Trasporti  Pubblici S.p.A., travels to Brindisi approximately every half an hour from Brindisi Airport up until about eleven at night. It is a small bus, which is green or orange in colour, and is classified as a local bus. It travels to the city centre of Brindisi, but also stops at Via Colombo, which is nearby the railway station. Other stops are available along the way. One-way bus tickets to Brindisi will cost about 4 Euro. Buses are also available for transport back to Brindisi Airport, and another bus service will quickly get you to the Lecce City Terminal, just outside the centre of Lecce.

However, passengers who prefer to travel by train can reach the city of Lecce in this way too, as the Brindisi Railway Station forms part of the Adriatic Railway (Ancona-Lecce train line). It is also a junction and terminus for the Taranto-Brindisi railway line.

Stazione di Brindisi is located on the southwestern edge of Brindisi city centre, at Piazza Francesco Crispi, and is the main railway station serving the area. It has been in existence since 1865, when it was opened in April of that year. At that time the main railway line was between Bari and Brindisi, but the Brindisi to Lecce line was built shortly after, and completed in January 1866. By 1886, Brindisi Railway Station was established as a junction station, on the Taranto-Brindisi line. Back then the station consisted of two tracks which were covered by a structure with a typical flat and sloping roof – today, there are eight tracks at the station, and it will be upgraded and reorganized to allow for better passenger movements, as it is included in the Centostazione program for improving the main railway stations in Italy.

Brindisi Railway Station is owned and managed by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, or the RFI, which is a subsidiary company of the Italy’s state-owned rail company, Ferrovie dello Stato (FS). Within the passenger terminal, the commercial area is separately managed by Centostazioni, which is also a subsidiary company of FS. Trenitalia runs all the train services at Brindisi Railway Station, such as InterCity and Eurostar trains. Some other railway stations in Italy have tracks dedicated to other train operators, but all eight tracks at Brindisi Train Station are run by Trenitalia.

Tickets for trains can usually be purchased from the railway stations in Italy, at either a ticket office or from the automated ticket machines. They are priced per kilometre travelled, at a rate which depends on the category of train you will be using. Tickets are also available online, from the FS website, or from station newsagents and certain bars. Travel agents in Italy also sell all kinds of rail tickets. Passengers should keep in mind that all train tickets must be validated before boarding the train. This done by stamping it in one of the yellow machines that is on the platforms and station concourses. This is very important, as heavy fines can be issued if you are caught with an unstamped ticket.

It is recommended to plan your journey in advance of your trip to Brindisi Airport, and Brindisi Railway Station. Try to have an updated timetable for bus and train services with you, as it is sometimes difficult to find this information. The smaller train services in Italy often have very friendly conductors and station masters who are willing to offer their assistance, but don’t be afraid to ask any of the local people for help either, as most will turn out to be very helpful.

Brindisi Airport has an information desk in the arrival hall, from where further enquiries on railway or bus services, or airport facilities can be made.
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