Places to visit in Brindisi

Brindisi Airport is located only two or three kilometres from the city of Brindisi, in southern Italy, and handles around one million passengers per year. The airport consists of one terminal building that is reasonably well equipped for arriving and departing passengers. Although Brindisi is not often on tourists’ main list to visit, it does offer some interested sights and museums. Similar to other Italian cities, there are some very attractive buildings which many people like to see. Brindisi is a small seaport town in the Puglia region of Italy, and the Salento area, nearby popular holiday resorts in places such as Lecce.

Tourists will find it easy to travel from Brindisi Airport to the city center of Brindisi, as there is a regular bus service available. Buses are also available to the Lecce City Terminal nearby the city centre of Lecce. Tourists can even begin their sight-seeing journey right at Brindisi Airport, by stopping for a few moments to admire the usual building of the church of Santa Maria del Casale. It is within easy walking distance of the airport, just a few minute away, to the left as you leave the terminal building. The church building is barn-like, and it houses some impressive frescoes, such as a Last Judgement with some wonderful colours. There are some cloisters as well not far from the church building.

Brindisi has its own castle known as the Swabian Castle, dating back to the thirteenth century. It is one of the city’s landmarks, and has also been used more ‘recently’ during the World Wars. In 1943, it was an important naval base, while in 1944 it was used as a central command base. It was constructed using some of the materials from old monuments and walls of the city. The Swabian Castle has also been restored on numerous occasions over the years. Another important landmark, or symbol of Brindisi is the Roman Harbour Columns. There are twin columns, but only one is still entirely standing, along with its sculptured capital on top. The other collapsed during the 16th century, and now has only the base and a rock in place. The columns can be found nearby the harbour, in Via Colonne.

Two museums of interest in Brindisi include the Archaeological Museum and the Diocesan Museum. The Archaeological Museum has been in Brindisi since 1956, and houses some remarkable items of history, including Latin inscriptions from the 1st Century BC to the 3rd and 5th Century. There are also old statues which were found in the area on display, and a section of magnificent Greek and local vases. Perhaps one of its best sections is the underwater display, with two bronze statues which were rescued from Brindisi’s coastline. This museum is found at Piazza Duomo, 7. Many museums in Italy charge an entrance fee, while others can be viewed for free. It is also best to make enquiries as to when they are open to the public. The Diocesan Museum is similar to the Archaeological Museum in that it also houses various archaeological items. Perhaps one of the most favorite items to see is the Idria delle Nozze di Cana, which is believed to be one of the six vases in which Jesus made his first miracle. It is also the last of the six to have survived. This museum is located within the Seminary building.

There are many beautiful church buildings in Brindisi which tourists love to observe. The Church of St. Theresa is an ideal example of the Baroque style, and was built in the 17th Century. It is located in the Spanish quarter of Brindisi, nearby a 15th Century cloister. The interior of the church features a papier-mâché statue of saints, a wooden statue of Our Lady of Carmine, and some lovely paintings. The exterior is very well decorated as well. A Romanesque style church found in Brindisi is the Temple of St. John Sepulchre, built in a fascinating circular structure. It comes from the 12th Century and features 11th to 15th Century frescoes on its walls. It was also once used as a museum. Other religious buildings in Brindisi include the Church of St. Paul, dating back to the 14th Century, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel and the Duomo di Brindisi.  

A little further from Brindisi tourists can enjoy the attractive seaside town of Otranto, just south of Lecce, and of course, Lecce itself, which has a beautiful town center filled with fabulous Baroque sculptures and buildings. It is also well known for its Archaeological Museum, lovely churches and excellent selection of restaurants. Bari is not too far from Brindisi, and is a very interesting city featuring the Bascilica di San Nicola, housing the remains of Santa Claus! (or St. Nicholas). There is also the Castel del Monte to view and nearby areas of Barletta and Trani to visit. Matera is a particularly interesting place to visit, as many of its hotels, restaurants and museums are all housed in caves. There are even cave-churches to visit, along with picturesque lanes and ruins. These caves came about from when the town was in severe poverty, and the families used to live in the caves.

The Puglia region in Italy has many more wonderful attractions to offer, and Brindisi Airport is the perfect location from where to start. Further information about the airport, transport options or tourist locations is available at the information desk in the arrivals area of the terminal.