Brindisi Airport Parking

Brindisi Airport is found in southern Italy, within the Puglia region, and is situated only a few kilometres from the city of Brindisi. Although not a very large Italian airport, over one million passengers make use of Brindisi Airport each year. The airport is located nearby some popular holiday resort areas, such as Lecce and other towns in the Salento areas. Brindisi itself has a few attractions to offer, but is seldom on tourists’ main sight-seeing agenda. The airport is often referred to as Brindisi Papola Casale Airport, or Aeroporto del Salento, due to its situation within these areas. The facilities at Brindisi Airport are adequate, and include various car parking areas.

There is one terminal building at Brindisi Airport, which is large enough to handle all arrival and departure flights. Passengers will easily find their way around the terminal, as everything is close by and clearly marked. The parking areas at Brindisi Airport are all within walking distance of the terminal, therefore, there is no need for additional bus transportation of any sort in order to reach the building. There are three different parking areas available, each dedicated to different lengths of parking periods.

Motorists who simply wish to drop off passengers and their luggage can use the car lanes leading directly in front of the terminal building. Parking in this area is only permitted for the length of time needed in order to offload passengers and baggage, and leaving unattended vehicles in this area, or parking for any longer period is strictly prohibited. The front area of the airport is usually quite strictly controlled by airport staff and/or security professionals. All vehicles illegally parked here will be swiftly removed, and there may be charges to pay in order to receive your vehicle once more. These regulations are in place for the security of all who use the airport.

Passengers are also not allowed to be picked up from in front of the terminal if any waiting period for the flight is needed. i.e. Motorists are not allowed to park and wait for arriving passengers in this area. Parking for short periods of time is suitable in the short-stay parking area of Brindisi Airport.

Short-stay Parking at Brindisi Airport  

Around 30 parking spaces are available in this parking area at Brindisi Airport, and it is called P1. This is the nearest parking lot to the terminal building at the airport, and is most suitable for parking of only a few hours. Parking in this area can become expensive if used for longer periods, as every 30 minutes of parking is charged at €2.00.  

Top Car Parking at Brindisi Airport

This area is also referred to as P2, and is the only covered parking area at the airport. This parking area is ideal for medium to long-term parking periods, and is located slightly further from the terminal, opposite and alongside the P1 parking lot. There are 462 spaces available at the Top Car Parking area, and charges depend on the number of hours for which you park your vehicle. Less than two hours of parking costs €4.00 and parking between two and six hour’s costs around €7.00. Between six and twenty-four hours of parking will be charged at €13.50. Parking is also available at daily rates for longer stays.

Long-stay Parking at Brindisi Airport
There are 143 parking spaces in this area, and it is known as P3. This area of parking is ideal for those who will need to leave their vehicles at the airport for a few days or even weeks. The parking charges for this area are the same as for the P2 parking area, except that longer periods of parking will be at a slightly cheaper rate.

The parking tariffs at Brindisi Airport should be displayed at the entrance to the various parking areas, and there are automated ticket machines for the payment of parking charges, which take cash or a credit card. At some airports motorists can pay with their credit card at the exit column of the parking lot.

Disabled passengers are welcomed at Brindisi Airport with a variety of facilities to aid their comfort, including reserved parking spaces in the short-term parking area of P1. These spaces are specifically positioned to provide the easiest access to the terminal building as possible. Other facilities include disabled toilets and pavement ramps. Additional assistance can also be arranged with your airline company, at least 48 hours before your departure flight.

Most passengers arriving at Brindisi Airport with their own vehicle find the parking facilities to be more than adequate. Further information is available from the information point in the arrivals area of the Brindisi Airport terminal building.

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Parking Operators at Brindisi Airport

Via Bezzecca, 61
24 Hour
Insured Car Park
Via Provinciale per San Vito Brindisi 72100
24 Hour
Insured Car Park
Open Air
Insured Car Park

Map of Car Parks at Brindisi Airport

Map of Car Parks at Brindisi

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