Taxis to and from Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA)

A popular means of transportation to central Rome, or any other destination, is by taxi. Taxi fares are much more expensive than the public bus tickets, but they are a more convenient service. Some of the taxi fares are regulated. There is a taxi rank outside the Arrivals Hall of Ciampino Airport.

The set taxi fares are for travel from Ciampino Airport to anywhere within the Aurelian Walls, which delimit the central area of Rome. Any other destination is charged at a metered rate indicated by the taximeter. Taxi fares from the airport to central Rome include the cost of luggage and a maximum of four passengers. Other destinations may have extra charges for luggage. There are always additional fees for late night driving, and driving on Sundays or public holidays.

Passengers at Ciampino Airport should always select an authorized airport taxi service. The authorized taxis of Rome are white and have a Unauthorized taxi drivers often look for business amongst the passengers in the Arrivals area of Ciampino Airport. They may even dress up their cars to look like the airport taxi cabs. This practice is illegal, and customers using their services stand the risk of being overcharged. Passengers should always confirm the price of the taxi ride before leaving the airport, regardless of the taxi service chosen.

When travelling to other destinations, besides central Rome, ensure that the taximeter is running, and keep a careful eye on it. If the taxi driver knows you are watching, he is more likely to be honest. If you feel that you have received unfair treatment from a Taxi at Ciampino airport write down the license number of the taxi and, if possible, the driver’s name. Passengers may request a receipt. Complaints can be reported to the number 060606.

Beside the white Rome taxis, there are other private taxis that can be reserved at Ciampino Airport. They are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Their services need to be reserved in advance of your arrival at the airport. These private transfers are ideal for those travelling in larger groups, as there are also minibuses. The driver is able to meet you outside the customs hall at Ciampino Airport. An added advantage is that the drivers are all English speaking. Cars can be hired for 1-3 passengers, 4-5 passengers or 6-8 passengers. Two items of luggage per person is allowed. Taxi fares for these services are a bit more expensive than the usual taxis, and extra is charged for travelling after 20:00/before 07:00.

Throughout the city of Rome, there are many taxi ranks. They are usually available from all the metro and bus stations. Taxis can also be phoned and requested to fetch you at your location, but keep in mind that the taximeter for your journey starts from where the driver leaves to collect you, and not from your location.

Taxis may be an easier method of transportation from Ciampino Airport, rather than struggling with luggage on buses and trains. It is expected for passengers to use the taxi that is in the front of the line, and don’t forget to include a tip for satisfactory service.