Trains to and from Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA)

Although Ciampino Airport does not have a train station of its own, there are a few stations nearby the airport. Rome has a fairly extensive Metro/railway system that offers an affordable and efficient way to travel in Rome, and to other countries.

The two train stations that are nearby to the airport are the Ciampino Train Station and the Anagnina Metro Station. These train stations can be reached by a couple of bus services from Ciampino Airport. The bus services are the blue Attral buses and the COTRAL/Schiaffini buses. It is a short bus trip to both of these stations, just 5 minutes to Ciampino Station, and 15 minutes to Anagnina Metro. A longer bus journey by Terravision or the SIT Airport Buses will take you to the main Termini Station in central Rome. Travel time by bus is around 40 minutes. It is a more economical option to take one of the buses to the nearby train stations and then a train to the Termini, than a bus that travels directly to the Termini Station.

Anagnina Metro Station at Ciampino

Rome has two underground train lines, Metro Linea A and Metro Linea B. Anagnina Metro is an underground train station, and the southern terminus on Line A of the Rome Metro. Trains from Anagnina run right through Rome. They make stops at the Termini Station (Stazione Termini) and the Spanish Steps (‘Spagna’). The train journey to these stops takes around 20 minutes, sometimes a bit longer.

The same tickets are used for the bus and train services. They can be purchased at tobacconists, news-stands, vending machines or at kiosks at the major train and bus stations. They can be bought as single tickets or as those valid for 1 day, 3 days or a week. The Roma Pass also includes public transport. Make sure that you have bought your ticket and have validated it in one of the machines before boarding the train.

Ciampino Railway Station (CIA) Airport

This train station is also known as Ciampino FS, and is on the main line run by the Ferrovie dello Stato, which is Italy’s rail network. It is an over-ground station with frequent trains traveling to the Termini Station. Trains depart approximately every 10 – 15 minutes.

Termini Station (Stazione Termini) Rome

This is the hub of Rome’s transportation system. It is situated in central Rome, and is the main railway and bus station, with a taxi rank, and is often the starting point of bus tours. Passengers will reach the Main Gallery after they have gotten off their train and have walked down the platform. To reach the north side of Termini, use the exit at platform 1 and the south side by using the exit at platform 22. The Main Hall is reached by walking away from the platforms.

The Main Hall has ticket kiosks and reservation windows. Outside the Main Hall is the largest bus station in Rome – Piazza dei Cinquecento. Taking the escalators down from the Main Gallery will lead you to the Forum Termini, an underground mall, and the city’s two subway lines, Metro Linea A and B.

Tiburtina Railway Station, Rome

This is the second largest train station in Rome. Trains from Termini leave for Tiburtina on Metro Linea B. This train station is connected to Fiumicino Airport by the slower and cheaper trains of Trenitalia. Tickets can be purchased at the offices in the nearby piazza, around the corner on Circonvallazione Nomentana.

Train timetables are posted around every train station in Rome. They are not too difficult to understand. The normal, slower trains are written in green (and some are the night trains written in black), and the faster trains (IC, ED, EN and ICN) are listed in red. The ES (Eurostar) trains are the fastest and require a reservation for weekend travel. There are three columns that you should read to find out if a train goes to the city that you are trying to reach – the Final Destination column, the Pricipali Fermate (major stops), and the Annotazioni columns.

Even though there is no actual train station at the airport, passengers can still easily reach the train services by bus, and make full use of the train routes within, and beyond Rome.

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