Low Cost Rome Ciampino Airport Parking

Parking at Rome Ciampino Airport is relatively simple as it has only one car parking area. Since Ciampino Airport is small when compared to Rome’s other larger Fiumicino (Leonardo dar Vinci) Airport, it does not require the facilities of huge long-term parking lots. There are also no fancier services of valet parking.

The single car park is located adjacent to the terminal building, and there are less than 2000 parking spaces available. The car park is within walking distance to the Ciampino Airport terminal, therefore there is no need to worry with the hassles of riding shuttle buses to reach the airport. Travellers, therefore, do not need to allocate too much extra time for parking their vehicle, before their departure flight.

Short-Term Airport Car Parking at Ciampino

In the single parking area, passengers or visitors are allowed to park for short periods of time. The first 15 minutes of parking is free. Rates are then charged for the first half-hour or every hour until the daily cost is reached.

Ciampino Long- Term Airport Parking

Long-term parking is also permitted in the parking area. Security is provided in this area. The parking rates vary according to the amount of days the facility is in use. Parking for a few days is usually cheaper than parking for only one or two days. Parking spaces can be reserved in advance over the internet.

Disabled Parking Facilities at Rome Ciampino Airport

In total, there are eight parking spaces available for handicapped drivers. 6 spaces are located in front of the International Airport, and 2 are nearby the General Aviation area. They are conveniently located for easy access to the airport terminals. There are no parking fees for disabled parking spaces. Passengers using these spaces must exhibit the original copy of their disabled parking permit. Additional assistance for disabled passengers can be arranged with their relevant airline, or by calling Ciampino Airport.

Ciampino Airport parking Payments

The fastest way to pay and leave the airport parking lot, is to drive directly to the exit barriers with Easy Pass. Individuals can pay for their parking at the exits and leave immediately. Credit cards can be used, and the following cards are accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diner’s Club International. Parking may only be paid in this way if the total amount is less than 250 Euros. Higher amounts must be paid at the staffed pay points.

Parking fees can be paid before going to collect your car. There are cash points that accept cash or credit cards, and staffed pay points. The staffed pay points also sell pre-paid cards (Repark cards) that are charged by the owner, starting with a minimum of 100 Euros. There is a once-off cost for acquiring a Repark card.

Rome Ciampino and Fiumicino Airports have other areas located nearby that offer off-airport property parking facilities. These spaces can be reserved online, and have some useful services, such as shuttle buses to the terminal arrival and departure areas, insurance coverage and customer assistance. Some of these parking areas are – Parking Blu, Park and Fly, Park to Fly and My Parking. All of these areas are available for Ciampino Airport, except the Park and Fly.

Passengers that do not wish to search for parking at Ciampino Airport, can arrive with one of the many bus services available, or by Ciampino Airport taxi.

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