Olbia to Milan Linate

Multiple companies offer flights from Costa Smeralda to Linate. The journey time flying from Costa Smeralda to Linate Italy is around 1 hour 24 minutes. With the distance covered being 506 Km (315 Miles). The airport code for Costa Smeralda is OLB and for Linate it is LIN.

Flight prices can fluctuate at certain times of the day but also at weekends. Linate Italy flights may be normally booked months in advance and this may be the best option if you intend to get the best prices from Costa Smeralda. Flights to Linate Italy normally increase in price the nearer the journey date, so it is worth trying to book your tickets in advance if you can.

Below you will see all the airlines that fly from Costa Smeralda (OLB) to Linate (LIN) and the number of flights they operate each day.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight

Meridiana offer the most direct flights from Costa Smeralda to Linate with an average of 4 flights a week. The earliest flights are operated at 07:10 and the latest flights operated at 19:15 and the most common flight numbers are IG 1207, IG 1209, IG 1211 and IG 1225

Contact Meridiana at meridiana.com/ to booking a flight or find up to date information on the flight times.

Below you can see all the times when Meridiana fly. These flight times do vary so we recommend you look on the Meridiana website for accurate information for the dates you are departing.

DayFlight Times
Monday07:10, 11:00, 15:15 and 19:15
Tuesday07:10, 11:00, 15:15 and 19:15
Wednesday07:10, 11:00, 15:30 and 19:15
Thursday07:10, 11:00, 15:15 and 19:15
Friday07:10, 11:00, 15:15 and 19:15
Saturday07:10, 11:00, 15:30 and 19:15
Sunday07:10, 11:00, 15:15 and 19:15

You may also have a choice of an alternative airport when it comes to flying from Costa Smeralda and arriving at Linate. You can find details of this below.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Olbia to Genoa0397 km (246 miles)1 hour 11 minutes
Olbia to Bologna0429 km (267 miles)1 hour 17 minutes
Olbia to Turin0502 km (312 miles)1 hour 24 minutes
Olbia to Verona0521 km (324 miles)1 hour 25 minutes
Olbia to Milan Malpensa0530 km (329 miles)1 hour 26 minutes
Olbia to Bergamo0531 km (330 miles)1 hour 26 minutes
Olbia to Berne0688 km (428 miles)1 hour 37 minutes
Olbia to Zurich0734 km (456 miles)1 hour 41 minutes
Olbia to Basel0762 km (473 miles)1 hour 42 minutes

Please remember your valid passport before departing OLB airport.