Low Cost Palermo Airport Parking

Punta Raisi Airport provides their passengers with excellent parking facilities. In total there are 1310 parking spaces available for long term and short term parking requirements. Of these parking facilities, 550 spaces are undercover.

Besides the normal parking facilities, there is also the option of the Quick Car Valet Guarded Parking, which is often recommended for businessmen. This parking area is extremely convenient, as the cars are collected and returned for the passengers concerned at an agreed hour and day by the airport’s valet assistants. Customers can also make a reservation for this parking area. Another advantage of the Valet Guarded Parking area is that it has 24 hour security by dedicated staff members, as well as by a video system. Additional car services are available at an extra charge, and tariff benefits and discounts are offered to the owners of the ‘Quick Membership Card’.

Payment for parking is made as simple as possible with automatic cashiers and parking exit tills, although only payments by credit cards are accepted at the exit tills. Payments can also be made at the exit tills before retrieving your vehicle. The automatic cashiers are situated nearby the exit to the Arrival Hall and within the parking area, and here payments can be made by credit card or cash. Alternatively, there is also a manned cashier available in the Car Valet area, which is open 24 hours a day. At this area, payments can be made by cash, credit card or ATM. A help desk is also available in the Car Valet area.

Parking rates vary between the two types of parking areas. It is €3.00 for up to an hour in the normal parking area, and €5.00 for up to an hour in the valet parking area. For up to two hours, one will pay €5.00 for normal parking and €7.00 for valet services. Up to three hours - €7.00 and €10.00, up to 12 hours - €9.00 and €15.00, up to 18 hours - €12.00 and €18.00, and up to 24 hours one will pay €15.00 for normal parking and €20.00 for valet parking. After 24 hours the rates are re-applied.

Punta Raisi Airport is also well-equipped for passengers with reduced mobility, and there are specially appointed parking areas for these passengers in each parking area. Special assistance can be arranged before your flight by notifying your airline at least 48 hours before departure. The airline will then convey your request to the airport. Persons with reduced mobility should go directly to the special assistance lounge (Sala Amica) when they arrive at the airport. This lounge is in the Departure Hall on the first floor of the terminal. There is also a dedicated call point outside the terminal from where passengers can call for assistance.

Mobility reduced passengers may use the dedicated drop-off zone in front of the terminal building (west front end). In this area, vehicles may not be left unattended, and passengers may only stop for the time needed to unload their luggage. Disabled Card Holders may use the dedicated parking bays at the departure curb side of the terminal. Mobility reduced passengers can be collected at the dedicated parking bays nearby the exit of the Arrivals Hall (right-hand side, ground floor). For this area, the passenger must be booked and ready to leave the airport. A car may only be parked here for the time required for the collection of the passenger, and must always remain attended.

Although passengers should find the Palermo Airport parking to be more than adequate, those who do not wish to find parking areas and pay for parking may consider traveling to the airport by bus, train or taxi. The Trinacria Express travels regularly to the airport, and there are the Prestia e Comandè Airport Buses that run every half hour from the Central train station (Stazione Centrale).

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