Trains to and from Palermo Airport (PMO)

Although many passengers find the bus to be cost effective and convenient, there is also the option of catching the train from Punta Raisi Airport. Passengers will find the Trinacria Express to be a quick and simple alternative to the bus.

Punta Raisi Airport has its own train station, which is situated nearby to the terminal building. The Trinacria Express runs from Palermo Airport to the Central train station approximately every hour. Trains are available every day between the hours of 5:32 and 22:10.

A disadvantage of the journey by train is that it can be incredibly long compared to the bus journey. Sometimes the trip to reach the Stazione Centrale can take longer than 60 minutes.

The trains stop at various locations, such as Piraineto, Carini, Capaci, Isola d Femmine, Tommaso Natale, Cardillo Z.E.N, San Lorenzo Colli and Francia. Passengers who would like to travel to Trapani should change trains at Carini. Trains are also available from the Central train station in Palermo to Punta Raisi Airport.

The Trinacria Express service is provided by Trenitalia, which is Italy’s national railway. Trenitalia also provides train transportation to many other nearby cities and longer distance destinations. It is important to note that all train tickets should be ‘cancelled’ or stamped just before you board your train. This is done at one of the small orange ticket machines at the train station nearby the platforms. Passengers can be quite heftily fined should they be caught with a ticket that is not stamped.

If you plan to travel by train, whether it be for long or short distances, always keep your passport handy, and it may be wise to bring along your own food and drink, as services on the trains can be costly. It is also advisable to pack as lightly as possible, as some stations may not have baggage carts available. Protect your personal belongings as best as you can by locking them away in an overhead rack, especially if you are traveling overnight. Be careful of putting items under your seat, as you may not be able to effectively keep an eye on them.

Most trains also provide services for physically disabled passengers, such as extra assistance with baggage, and provided wheelchairs if necessary.

Besides buses and trains, ships, ferries and hydrofoils are also popular transport modes in Sicily. Tirrenia is the company that primarily operates the sea-going vessels. Tirrenia has daily transport services to Lipari, Naples, Genoa, Tunis and Sardinia. The Ferries depart from Milazzo for the Lipari Islands, or from Messina for mainland Italy. Other companies include Snav and Virtu Ferries. Snav offers a seasonal service, and has a fleet of faster ships and hydrofoils. Virtu Ferries offer transportation to Malta.

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