Taxis to and from Palermo Punta Raisi Airport (PMO)

Punta Raisi Airport has many taxis available for the transportation of passengers. Some passengers find a journey by taxi far more comfortable and convenient than by bus or train. However, it is a fact that a trip by taxi can be considerably more expensive. The taxis at the airport can be found just outside the Arrivals area.

The taxi fares in Italy are regulated by the local authorities, but can vary considerably due to other factors. Remember to take into account that you may be charged extra for luggage, as well as for traveling late at night or on public holidays. In general though, provided that you understand how the taxi system operates, the taxi fares are considered to be reasonable. As a rough estimate, the taxi fare from Palermo Airport to V.le Michelangelo or V.le Lazio will be around €35. If you are traveling to Calatafimi or Corso V. Emanuele it will be about €40, and to the Stazione Centrale or Brancaccio, approximately €45.

Taxis are not recommended by some people as there are sometimes cases where they have been grossly overcharged or mistreated. The best way to handle your journey by taxi is to only use the official Italian taxis. These taxis are usually yellow, or quite often white as well, and they have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have a taxi number on one of their doors (usually the driver’s door) which identifies the taxi. Taxis also have a meter, and this meter determines the fare according to the distance traveled. You should always make sure that the meter is running. If the taxi driver claims that the meter is broken, then the fare for the journey should be decided upon before you leave. It is also always wise to discuss the fare before setting off for your destination. It can be tricky to argue the amount due once the trip is completed. If you know the direct route to your destination, it can be worthwhile to mention that the driver should go past a particular landmark (to ensure that he takes the most direct route, and does not unnecessarily add miles to the meter).

Taxis are usually found at official taxi ranks, and these are situated at railway stations or near town centers. It is not often that they are possible to be hailed from the street. Taxis can also be called, although be aware that the operator may not be able to speak English. If this is the case, you may wish to ask for the help of someone like a bar tender or your hotel receptionist. If you are nearby a bar, go and order a drink, and then ask the bar tender to call a taxi for you. When you call for a taxi you will be given the number of the taxi which will be dispatched for your journey, so that you will know which one is yours. Keep in mind that the meter of the taxi is switched on from the moment the taxi leaves to collect you, therefore you will pay for the extra miles driven to your starting point. In this regard, it will be cheaper to walk to the nearest railway station or taxi rank, should there be one close by.

Another warning that is necessary is that driving in Sicily is hair-raising! Taking a trip by taxi is not for the faint-hearted! Taxi drivers tend to ignore speed limits, and drive like there are no road rules whatsoever, while they shout and curse at other motorists.

However, many people arriving at Punta Raisi Airport find the taxis to be quite respectable and convenient. It is ultimately the passenger’s choice as to which transportation mode he would like to use.