Buses to and from Milan Linate Airport (LIN)

Linate Airport has many bus services that travel to various destinations in Milan and to surrounding areas. The buses mainly depart from outside the Arrivals area of the airport.

Bus Services traveling to and from Milano

Starfly is a bus company that offers bus routes to Milano Stazione Centrale (Milan Central Station). Starfly buses depart from outside the Arrivals area. This bus service runs every day, approximately every 30 minutes, and between the hours of 6:05 and 23:45. On the way to the Central Station, the buses also stop at Lambrate. Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus, or from the Agenzia Autostradale at the airport.

Starfly takes passengers to Linate Airport from Milano Stazione Centrale as well. Departures are from the Air Terminal Piazza Luigi di Savoia every 30 minutes between the hours of 05:40 and 21:35.

ATM buses offer travel to Milano Piazza S. Babila. The buses leave the airport from outside the Arrivals area approximately every 10 minutes. ATM buses run everyday, from 06:05 to 24:55. Tickets can be bought at newspaper kiosks and other authorized sale points.

Passengers can travel to Linate from Milano Piazza S. Babila on the ATM buses. The buses for the airport are number 73, and there is a departure every 10 minutes.

Air Pullman Noleggi offers bus transportation to and from the Fiera Milano during times of exhibitions. Buses depart every hour in either direction, and tickets can be bought at the airport.

Bus Services to and from Malpensa Airport

Two bus services run from Linate to Malpensa Airport. These two buses are the Malpensa Shuttle Air Pullman and Caronte. Both buses depart from outside the Arrivals area and operate every day of the week. The Malpensa Shuttle Air Pullman stops at Cascina Gobba and Cormano, and Caronte stops at Cascina Gobba, Cologno Monzese, Sesto S.G. and Cinisello.

The same two buses depart from Malpensa for Linate at the Malpensa Terminal 1. The same stops are made on the way.

Bus Services to and from Pavia

This bus service is the Autoservizi Migliavacca. Buses to Pavia run every day and depart from outside the Arrivals area at Exit 7. Bus tickets can be purchased at travel agencies. The same buses travel back to Linate Airport from the Stazione FS in Pavia. On this route, the buses also stop at Pavia Viale Golgi, Pavia Via Ferrata, Certosa di Pavia, and Ferma a Binasco Autostazione.

Bus Services to and from Brescia

Tickets are purchased onboard this bus and the route is only driven if requested. The bus company is the Malpensa Aeroporti E Viaggi. Buses depart from Via Orizinuovi/Hotel Industria in Brescia, for the airport. This bus trip is approximately one hour long.

Bus Services to and from Verona

Bus company Route A4 provides transport to Verona. A reservation is required for this three-hour bus trip. The buses can make stops at Brescia, and Bergamo. Route A4 Buses travel back to Linate Airport from Verona Cologna, Stazione FS, Fiera or Marco Polo Airport.

Bus service to Torino

Bus company Sadem travels to the Autostazione (C. so Vittorio Emanuele II, 131/H) in Torino. Buses depart from the airport’s Departure area, Exit 4 AIR ONE. This journey takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

With so many bus companies and bus routes passengers will have no trouble reaching their destination. The buses are a comfortable and economical way to travel.

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