Milan Linate Live Flight Departures

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To Airline Flight no. Scheduled Actual Status
Catania (CTA) Alitalia AZ1723 13:55 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Alitalia CityLiner CT2049expand_more(1) 14:00 En-Route
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2049 14:00 En-Route
Reggio Calabria (REG) Blue Panorama Airlines BV2121 14:00 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA5630expand_more(1) 14:15 Scheduled
London (LHR) Air Baltic BT5630 14:15 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA589expand_more(1) 14:15 En-Route
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6261 14:15 En-Route
Paris (CDG) Alitalia AZ312expand_more(1) 14:35 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL6708 14:35 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Alitalia AZ1293 14:35 Scheduled
Pescara (PSR) Alitalia CityLiner CT1243expand_more(2) 14:50 Scheduled
Pescara (PSR) Air Malta KM2662 14:50 Scheduled
Pescara (PSR) Alitalia AZ1243 14:50 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH281expand_more(2) 14:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC9623 14:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) United Airlines UA9545 14:55 Scheduled
Olbia (OLB) Meridiana IG1204expand_more(2) 15:00 Scheduled
Olbia (OLB) Bulgaria Air FB1137 15:00 Scheduled
Olbia (OLB) Iberia IB1764 15:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia CityLiner CT2071expand_more(2) 15:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Baltic BT5573 15:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2071 15:00 Scheduled
Dusseldorf (DUS) Alitalia CityLiner CT414expand_more(1) 15:10 Scheduled
Dusseldorf (DUS) Alitalia AZ414 15:10 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Alitalia AZ1635expand_more(1) 15:15 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) TAP Portugal TP7233 15:15 Scheduled
Luqa (MLA) Air Malta KM625expand_more(2) 15:15 Scheduled
Luqa (MLA) Alitalia AZ7914 15:15 Scheduled
Luqa (MLA) Meridiana IG9225 15:15 Scheduled
London (LCY) Alitalia CityLiner CT222expand_more(2) 15:25 Scheduled
London (LCY) Air Malta KM2670 15:25 Scheduled
London (LCY) Alitalia AZ222 15:25 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA563expand_more(2) 15:30 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6309 15:30 Scheduled
London (LHR) Meridiana IG9563 15:30 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Alitalia AZ1721 15:35 Scheduled
London (LGW) EasyJet U28186 15:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia CityLiner CT2059expand_more(1) 16:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2059 16:00 Scheduled
Cologne (CGN) Alitalia CityLiner CT446expand_more(1) 16:05 Scheduled
Cologne (CGN) Alitalia AZ446 16:05 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Alitalia AZ1289 16:10 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA575expand_more(1) 16:25 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6262 16:25 Scheduled
London (LCY) BA CityFlyer CJ7304expand_more(2) 16:50 Scheduled
London (LCY) British Airways BA7304 16:50 Scheduled
London (LCY) Meridiana IG9304 16:50 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Alitalia AZ1633 16:50 Scheduled
London (LHR) Alitalia AZ238 16:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Alitalia AZ112 16:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2061expand_more(1) 17:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Tarom RO9751 17:00 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Alitalia AZ1793expand_more(1) 17:15 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) TAP Portugal TP7286 17:15 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Alitalia CityLiner CT352expand_more(1) 17:20 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Alitalia AZ352 17:20 Scheduled
Alghero (AHO) Alitalia AZ1600 17:25 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Alitalia CityLiner CT410expand_more(2) 17:30 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Malta KM2666 17:30 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Alitalia AZ410 17:30 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Alitalia CityLiner CT48expand_more(1) 17:30 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Alitalia AZ48 17:30 Scheduled
Cagliari (CAG) Alitalia AZ1560 17:35 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Alitalia CityLiner CT154expand_more(1) 17:35 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Alitalia AZ154 17:35 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH275 17:45 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Alitalia CityLiner CT566expand_more(1) 17:45 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Alitalia AZ566 17:45 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3253expand_more(1) 17:55 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Meridiana IG9253 17:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2097 18:00 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Alitalia CityLiner CT1291expand_more(1) 18:15 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Alitalia AZ1291 18:15 Scheduled
Luxembourg (LUX) Alitalia CityLiner CT146expand_more(2) 18:15 Scheduled
Luxembourg (LUX) Alitalia AZ146 18:15 Scheduled
Luxembourg (LUX) Luxair LG1390 18:15 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Alitalia AZ1727 18:25 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2099 18:30 Scheduled
London (LCY) Alitalia CityLiner CT220expand_more(1) 18:30 Scheduled
London (LCY) Alitalia AZ220 18:30 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN3150 18:45 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA569expand_more(1) 18:50 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6313 18:50 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2109 19:00 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Alitalia AZ358 19:05 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH277expand_more(1) 19:05 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Dolomiti EN277 19:05 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Alitalia AZ1647 19:10 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) EasyJet U27940 19:15 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2023 19:20 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Alitalia AZ1295expand_more(1) 19:20 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) TAP Portugal TP7138 19:20 Scheduled
London (LHR) Alitalia AZ248 19:40 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2113 19:40 Scheduled
London (LCY) BA CityFlyer CJ7306expand_more(2) 19:55 Scheduled
London (LCY) British Airways BA7306 19:55 Scheduled
London (LCY) Meridiana IG9306 19:55 Scheduled
Trieste (TRS) Alitalia CityLiner CT1353expand_more(1) 19:55 Scheduled
Trieste (TRS) Alitalia AZ1353 19:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Alitalia AZ2075 20:00 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Alitalia CityLiner CT356expand_more(1) 20:20 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Alitalia AZ356 20:20 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air France AF1313expand_more(1) 20:30 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) GOL Transportes Aeros G35119 20:30 Scheduled
London (LCY) Alitalia CityLiner CT224expand_more(1) 20:30 Scheduled
London (LCY) Alitalia AZ224 20:30 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Alitalia AZ118 20:45 Scheduled

Linate Airport has one large terminal, and handles both international and domestic flights. Many of the airline destinations are within Europe and Italy itself. Some of the airlines that serve Linate include Air France, British Airways, Meridiana, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Air Europe, KLM and Alitalia.

At Linate Airport, the Departure area is on the first floor of the terminal building. Located here, are the check-in desks and the security controls. It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the scheduled time of your departure flight. Ensure that you have enough time to find adequate parking, and to ride the shuttle bus to the terminal if you park in one of the more remote areas.

After completing the check-in formalities, passengers can enjoy a wide range of airport facilities if there is enough time before passing the security controls. There are various shops that sell jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts, souvenirs and many other items. An elegant restaurant offers lovely views of the Linate airline activities. The Banca Pop. Italiana offers banking services and has a cashpoint. There is also a Deutsche Bank cashpoint available. Other facilities include a chapel (1st floor before security) and a chemist and First Aid Medical service at the Arrivals area on the ground floor.

The post-security area has currency exchange and VAT refund services and some more dining/snack opportunities. Once in the boarding area, keep an eye on the monitors that will display the right time to take your plane.

Passing through the security control procedures and screening processes can take some time, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone onboard the airplane. Passengers will need to place all their metal items on the receptacle provided before walking through the metal detector. You may be required to remove your shoes as well. Some metal items may include lighters, belts, mobile phones, credit cards, wallets, keys, jewelry, watches, calculators and jackets with zips or buttons.

Confirm with your airline, their exact checked baggage limitations before your departure. The various airlines can differ in their requirements, and excess baggage will incur an additional fee. The specific items that you may not pack in checked luggage is listed on the back of your ticket.

The amount or size of carry-on luggage may also be restricted by the airline. Items that are not allowed in carry-on luggage include toy weapons, slings, cutlery, knives, razors, tools, darts, scissors and sport sticks. The new EU rules and regulations for liquids carried on board should be carefully followed.

Travelers with disabilities/reduced mobility may receive help with the departure procedures from the Sala Amica staff at Linate Airport. Passengers should inform the airline of their special requirements when booking the flight. A Sala Amica staff member will then be ready to welcome the disabled passenger, and assist with baggage check-in and security screening. An ambulift is used for boarding the airplane.

Linate offers every passenger the opportunity for a smooth and successful departure.