Low Cost Milan Linate Airport Parking

Linate Airport has a variety of car parking areas. There are multilevel parking areas situated near to the airport terminals, as well as other areas that require a shuttle bus to reach the airport. Disabled drivers will find plenty of free, easy-access parking spaces.

Short Stay Parking

Visitors to Linate Airport, or passengers who do not require a lengthy period of parking, can use the short stay parking areas. These spaces are located directly outside the Arrival and Departure areas of the airport.

Payments for this parking area are made in advance at the parking-meters. Parking rates are charged at 0.90 euro for each 15 minutes parked, with a maximum of 26 euro per day.

P1 Multilevel Parking

This parking area is situated close by the airport terminal, and has 1,327 spaces available. It is open 24 hours a day.

P2 Parking Area

There are 1,240 spaces available in this area, and they are within walking distance of the terminal building. The parking area is open 24 hours a day. Passengers can pay for the period of parking that is used or they can subscribe to airport parking. Subscriptions are available for six months or for one year.

If you have an expensive car and would like to reserve a special parking space, you could use the Top car parking area in P2. There are approximately 230 spaces available and a reservation is required. These spaces offer easy access to the Arrival and Departure halls.

Passengers can choose the option of Valet Parking at the P2 parking area. Simply hand over your car to the Valet employee at the entrance. Your car will be taken to a safe parking area for the duration of your absence. A car wash is available on request. It is recommended to make a reservation for this service. Valet services are charged at a daily rate of 30 euro, with a reservation cost of 9 euro.

PR1 and PRA Parking Areas

Both of these parking areas are further away from the airport, and therefore a free shuttle bus provides transportation to the terminal. There are 450 spaces in PR1 and 1,100 spaces available in PRA.

P3 Parking Area

This is a brand new multilevel parking area that has just completed construction providing customers with even more parking spaces.

Car Transfer Parking

Linate Airport offers the opportunity for your car to be transported from the departing airport (LIN) to the car parks of the arriving airport.

Disabled Parking Facilities

There are 26 parking spaces for disabled drivers in the P1 parking area. They are on the second floor in Area B. Disabled parking spaces are also available in P2 and at the short stay parking area. These spaces are free.

Departing passengers should allow enough time to find a suitable parking space at the airport, and to travel by shuttle bus to the terminal when using one of the more remote parking areas.

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