Taxis to and from Milan Linate Airport (LIN)

There are plenty of taxis available in the taxi stands at Linate Airport. The taxi stands can be found nearby the main arrival and departure areas of the airport. Although taxis are more expensive than some other means of transport, take for instance car rental Milan, many people agree that taking a taxi is a convenient and better way to travel. Traveling by taxi to central Milan will take about 10 minutes.

Taxis at Linate Airport will take you to any destination. This may be an easier way to travel to your hotel if you have large or heavy luggage. Sometimes it is not so easy to carry luggage onto a bus, and it’s always nice to arrive directly at the door of your hotel.

Passengers at Linate Airport should make sure that they always use the official airport taxis. These taxis are usually white, but can sometimes be yellow or other colors. They can also be recognized by the ‘TAXI’ sign on their roof, and the license number that is clearly displayed on the sides of the taxi, at the back and on the inside. Official taxis will also have a meter to measure and display the fare rate. You will have a better chance of being charged a reasonable fare by using the official airport taxis.

Airport Arrival areas and their passengers are often the ideal targets for unlicensed taxi drivers, trying to find business. It is not recommended to accept offers from these drivers. Their taxis may not be metered, and you therefore may be overcharged. Official taxi drivers remain by their cars at the taxi stand and do not seek business in the Arrival Halls.

Taxi fares vary depending on the final destination, the amount of luggage loaded, the time of travel and the number of passengers using the taxi. There is usually an extra charge for each suitcase loaded into the boot, and an extra charge after the fourth passenger. Taxi fares are always quite a bit more expensive at night, and on Sundays and public holidays.

A taxi in Milan is very difficult to flag down n the streets. Taxi drivers are responsible for any injuries caused when stopping on the streets, therefore they are very reluctant to do this. Taxis can be called or found at taxi stands in the city. There is a huge taxi stand at the central station of Milan, as well as many taxis at Corso Beunos Aires and at the Piazza Duomo. Keep in mind that if you call a taxi, the meter starts running from where the taxi leaves to come and fetch you, and not from your collection point. The taxi will also not necessarily be in your near vicinity.

It is useful to know a few key Italian words, as some of the radio dispatchers do not speak English. Some of them do speak a little English.

Taking a taxi from Linate or around the city of Milan can be quite an experience, as the Milanese driving culture is somewhat more aggressive than what most tourists are used to! If you do decide to take a taxi, don’t forget a 10% tip for the driver.