Getting to Naples Airport (NAP)

Naples Airport is located approximately 4 miles, or 7 km from the center of Naples, and is one of the main gateways to Southern Italy. It is also known as Naples Capodichino Airport, as it lies in the suburbs of Capodichino. The majority of flights from Naples Airport fly to other main European destinations, but there are quite a few long-haul flights from the airport as well. NAP is the official airport code, and five and a half million passengers make use of Naples Airport each year. Driving to the airport is relatively easy, as it is surrounded by some prominent motorways and highways.

Naples Airport is located on the western coastline of Italy, and is less than three hours drive from Rome. It is surrounded by many areas of interest, including the Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio, or the Vesuvius National Park, which is actually based around the famous Mount Vesuvius volcano, Torre del Grevo to the south-east and Pozzuoli to the west. Volla and Musci are areas to the east of Naples Airport, and Afragola, Arzano, Casoria and Casavatore are to the north.

On all sides of the airport major roads lead to various locations, therefore the airport is easily accessible by motor vehicle. The Corso Secondigliano runs in a north-west / south-east direction, and is found to the south of Naples Airport. This road joins the Calata Capodichino which leads to the Via Arenaccia. The A1 is connected to the SP1, which lies to the north of the airport. The SP1 first passes San Pietro a Patierno before joining the A1. The A1 is also known as the Autostrada del Sol.

Another major connection to Naples Airport is the A3, which heads southwards towards Salerno and Reggio de Calabria. The A3 can be considered as one of the main arteries that lead in and out of Naples. On the northeast side of Naples is the A30, while the A16 will bring motorists in from Bari. These major roads all connect to the Tangenziale di Napoli, which is the major ring road surrounding Naples.

From central Naples, a journey to the airport by car will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Traffic in Naples can become extremely busy during peak hours or holiday seasons, therefore always ensure you have plenty of time to reach the airport. Keep in mind that you will also need some time to find adequate parking and pass through security control checks before your departure flight. Motorists should take the Tangenziale Bypass to Naples Airport, in the direction of Capodichino. Naples Airport is well signposted as the ‘Aeroporto di Napoli-Capodichino’.

Once arriving at Naples Airport, you will notice it has two terminal buildings. Terminal 1 is the main and larger of the two, handling the majority of arrival and departure flights. Terminal 2 is mostly used for charter flights and tour operators. The terminals are located within easy walking distance of one another. The car parks are also in the nearby vicinity of the terminals. There are two ticket offices available, namely, the Alisud, which is the main Naples Airport ticket office, and the offices of Alitalia. They are both located in the check-in area of the Departures concourse, and open from 05:30 to 21:00.

The two terminals are well equipped with all the required amenities. Travelex provides foreign exchange services such as travel insurance, the purchase and sale of foreign currency and travelers checks, international pre-paid telephone cards, money transfers, international payments and Visa and Mastercard cash advances, while the Banco di Napoli provides all regular banking services. There are a few cash points available in the terminals as well. There is a post office located towards the right-hand side of Terminal 1, and four internet points for online access on the first floor and in the departures lounge. The Telelink Internet Center provides a wide range of services, including telephone and fax facilities, photocopying and scanning, and videoconferencing. Meeting rooms can also be booked, with various facilities and catering options.

Even though Naples Airport is not as large as some other airports in Italy, it has a wonderful array of shopping outlets. These are all located in the newly built Galleria Napoli on the first floor of Terminal 1. There is also a nice selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and snack bars offering a variety of food items to suit all tastes. A Red Cross medical center is available for emergencies and other medical requirements in the arrivals area, and car wash facilities are provided nearby the P1 car park.

Naples Airport is also fully accessible for disabled and reduced mobility passengers. There are wide pavements and a pedestrian crossing with sound signals for visually impaired passengers, lifts, ramps and wheelchair accessible toilet facilities. Two call buttons are located outside the airport from where passengers can call for assistance. Reserved parking spaces are available nearby the terminal. Further assistance can be arranged with your airline company when you book your ticket, or at least 48 hours in advance of your departure flight.

Passengers who do not wish to drive their own vehicle to Naples Airport have a variety of transport options. Buses are regularly available from all destinations, and taxis provide a more expensive, but quicker alternative to the bus services. There is no train station at the airport, therefore passengers arriving by train will need to catch a bus from the Naples Central Train Station to the airport. The Line 3S bus and the Alibus make frequent trips from the main railway station in Piazza Garibaldi, the Port and from the nearby central bus station. Taxis are available from all the major connection points and public squares in the city, or passengers can call them to make collection arrangements.

Further information is available from the information desks within the two terminals at Naples Airport.