Taxis to and from Naples Airport (NAP)

Naples Airport is considered to be one of the main gateways to Southern Italy, and is located approximately 4 miles, or 7 km from the center of Naples. It is also in the suburbs of Capodichino, and therefore well known as Naples Capodichino Airport. There are two terminal buildings, mainly handling flights to other European destinations. Areas surrounding the airport include Arzano, Miano and Poggioreale. Passengers arriving at international airports such as Naples Airport always require some form of transportation to reach their next destination, whether it be local or further afield, therefore, there are many bus and taxi services available from the airport. Taxis are a popular form of transportation, although more expensive than the bus. A journey by taxi is also very quick and convenient, and most people enjoy the privacy of a taxi compared to a trip on the public buses.

Taxis are easily found at Naples Airport, as they are all lined up just outside the main arrivals area of the airport. The taxi companies available include Radiotaxi CO.TA.NA., Radiotaxi Partenope, Radotaxi Free and Consortaxi. They can be contacted at the following telephone numbers: Radiotaxi CO.TA.NA – 081 5707070; Radiotaxi Partenope – 081 5560202; Radiotaxi Free – 081 5515151 and Consortaxi at 081 5525252. Other commercial taxi companies available in Naples include Accent, Checker Cab, Corporate Cab, Metro Beach Cab, Sunshine, Taxi Time, USA Cab and Yellow Cab.

When hiring a taxi from Naples Airport, keep in mind that there are some predetermined fares available for certain main destinations and connection points (for example – railway stations, ports and seafront and city center hotels). The predetermined rates are displayed in the taxi, and also at the information desks within the airport terminals. Passengers must request to travel at such a rate before leaving the airport, otherwise the usual metered fare will apply.

Passengers should be careful to only use official taxi services at Naples Airport. Sometimes, like at many of the airports in Italy, there can be unlicensed drivers looking for customers within the arrival halls, and there is a risk that you could be overcharged by these drivers, and not receive good service. These taxis are also usually not insured for the case of an accident. Official taxi drivers will always be waiting at their vehicles in the dedicated taxi rank. The taxis are usually white or yellow in color, and have a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They will also have a numbered shield on the side (usually the drivers side). This number can be used to report any complaints that you may have about the taxi service provided. Taxis in Italy are metered, which means that you pay a certain amount per km traveled, depending on the distance of your destination. The meter records the amount of km traveled by the taxi. It is best however to clarify the taxi fare with the driver before leaving the airport, as it is difficult to argue the amount due once the journey is completed.

Taking a taxi may also incur additional fees which are not included in the metered fare. These may include charges for luggage loaded, late night driving or driving on Sundays and holidays, animals in the taxi and the amount of passengers to be transported. Your taxi driver should be able to explain more about the extra fees applicable to your trip. Also ensure that your luggage will fit into the taxi you have chosen, as you do not want to pay for two taxis just for transporting your luggage!

Within Naples, there are plenty of taxis available from various areas of the city. They can be found at all the main train and bus stations, as well at all the major public squares in the city. Taxis can also be called to come and collect you from your location, just remember that the meter is turned on from where the driver leaves to fetch you, and not from your starting point. Therefore, it may be more economical to walk to a taxi rank if there is one nearby. Although it is possible to hail a taxi from the street, most people simply go to where the taxis are parked or call to make an arrangement. It is also possible to hire a scooter to travel the roads in Naples, but this is only recommended if you are an experienced two-wheel driver. The streets are generally very narrow and winding, and scooter drivers in Italy have their ‘own’ road rules which can be a bit nerve-wracking for the novice rider.

A taxi journey from Naples Airport to the city center will take approximately five to ten minutes, depending on how busy the traffic is at the time. Remember that a taxi driver is very knowledgeable on the area, and can often recommend a good hotel, restaurant, shopping center etc. They are usually very friendly and helpful. If you are staying at a hotel, and are unsure of which taxi company to call, simply ask at the reception desk. In many cases the hotel clerk will make the reservation for you.

Further information about the taxi services at Naples Airport is available from the information desks within the terminal buildings.