Trains to and from Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP)

Naples Airport lies in the suburbs of Capodichino, only 4 miles, or 7 km from the center of Naples. Due to its location, it is also commonly referred to as Naples Capodichino Airport. Although not as large as some other airports in Italy, it still handles over five million passengers per year, with the majority of its flights to European destinations. However, there are numerous long-haul flights from the airport as well. Passengers arriving at Naples Airport will find various forms of land transport available, including bus and taxi services. There is no train station on the airport grounds, but travelers can easily reach train connections via the bus services available. Traveling by rail is a very quick and convenient way to reach almost any local or regional destination in Italy.

The buses that connect Naples Airport to Naples Central Railway Station all depart from just outside the arrivals area. They are the Line 3S bus and the Alibus, operated by ANM - Azienda Napoletana Mobilità. The Line 3S bus travels to the Central Railway Station located in Piazza Garibaldi and the Brin Car Park, or the Parcheggio Brin, while the Alibus provides transport to the train station and the Piazza Municipio, from where Port connections can be made to various islands and other coastal regions. The buses depart every 20 or 30 minutes from the airport, from early in the morning to the later evening hours, and bus tickets for these journeys can be purchased from the bus driver. Further information about the Line 3S bus and Alibus is available online at

The main railway stations in Naples are the Porta Nolana, which is the main station served by the Circumvesuviana, as well as the Garibaldi station located underneath the Porta Nolana, or Napoli Centrale train station. The Circumvesuviana System, or referred to by the locals as Vesuviana, serves many regional destinations. The track is 138 km long, reaching a total of 96 stations on the network. The maximum speed of the trains is 90 km/h. Naples Central Station is the starting point of the six train lines of the Circumvesuviana, and from here they branch out to several areas on the Sorrento peninsula. A journey to Sorrento takes just over an hour, with stops along the way at Barra, Torre del Greco, Torre Annunziata and Castellemmare di Stabia. Sorrento is reached by trains that run on Line 1. Trains on Line 2 travel to Sarno, while Line 3 trains run to Baiano. Line 4 trains reach Acerra, and Line 5 trains travel to Poggiomarino. Trains on Line 6 travel to San Georgio a Cremano. Traveling along the Sorrento peninsula is wonderfully attractive, and enjoyed by many tourists. Along the way the train travels through a couple of tunnels and over various bridges, making for quite an adventurous journey.

No reservations are required for Circumvesuviana trains; therefore you may sit in any wagon you choose. They are not particularly fancy trains, just equipped with regular seats and some space for luggage. Within the train there are electronic displays which indicate the upcoming stations, and they also mostly use a PA system whereby the next station is announced by the conductor in Italian and English, although this can be difficult to hear sometimes. While the trains are considered to be reasonably safe, it is wise to always stay alert and cautious, and take certain safety measures to safeguard your money and belongings. If you are traveling at night, sit nearby the conductor in the front area of the wagon, preferably in the first wagon as well. Keep your money spread out in various pockets or safe places, so that if you are a pick-pocket victim you do not lose all your money. Leave any unnecessarily expensive items and jewelry at home.

Tickets for the Circumvesuviana trains can be purchased from the train stations, newsstands and tobacco shops, and need to be validated in the yellow machines on the platforms before boarding the train. The machine will add a date and time stamp to your ticket. Tickets are regularly checked by authorized train personnel, and heavy fines can be given if your ticket is not correctly validated. Do not mix your train ticket with credit cards or ATM cards as it does contain a magnetic stripe. Various tickets for tourist travel are available. Keep in mind that there are two types of trains running to Sorrento. The Diretto stops at every station along the way and therefore takes a bit longer, while the Diretissimo only stops at the main stations. This train is marked as DD on the train schedules.

In Italy, various types of trains offer transport to every possible destination. Daily there are approximately 30 trains which run between Naples and Rome, with a journey time of around two and a half hours. Trains that travel to regional areas are slower, while the Intercity (IC), Eurocity (EC) and Eurostar (ES) trains are all high-speed services. The railway system in Italy is operated by FS, or the Ferrovie dello Stato.

Passengers arriving at Naples Airport are sure to find the transportation options to be more than adequate and reasonable to understand, however, further information is available from the information desks within the terminal buildings.

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