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Naples Airport handles over five million passengers per year, and is therefore one of the major gateways to Southern Italy. It lies within the suburbs of Capodichino, only 4 miles from the center of Naples. Due to its location, it is also known as Naples Capodichino Airport. The majority of flights from the airport are to other European destinations, but there are few long-haul flights in operation as well. There are two terminal buildings at Naples Airport, with various facilities for arriving and departing passengers. Passengers driving to the airport will also find adequate parking facilities.

The two terminal buildings at Naples Airport are named as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is the main and larger of the two, handling the majority of arriving and departing flights, while Terminal 2 is mostly used for charter flights and tour operators. The parking facilities at Naples Airport are all located within easy walking distance of the main terminal building, and there are 1650 spaces for motor vehicles available, as well as 107 spaces specifically allocated for the use of motorbikes. These parking spaces are spread out amongst nine different parking areas (P1 – P8, as well as in the Free car parks). The short-term parking areas are located along the main entrance road to the airport, and are easily located. Nearby the airport’s main entrance is the long-term parking area.

The short-term parking areas at Naples Airport are P2, P3, P4 and P6. P2 contains parking spaces for 124 vehicles, P3 has 325 spaces available, P4 offers 75 parking spaces and P6 offers 125 spaces for motor vehicles. P3 is an underground parking area, and P6 is named as the Express Fare parking area. There is also a total of 258 parking spaces in the P7 and P8 areas, which are deemed as middle-term parking lots.

Long-term parking is available in P1, with 723 spaces available. This area is nearby the entrance to the terminal building. Although most passengers find their vehicles to be perfectly safe at Naples Airport, the car parks are unmanned, and parking is at the risk of the vehicle owner. GESAC, the airport management company, shall not be held responsible for any vehicle theft, theft of vehicle contents, and damage to vehicle parts and/or accessories, material damages caused by third parties, all indirect damages and all consequential damages.

Car valet services are available at Naples Airport, and this is a great option for those who have little time to spare, or would rather have an airport staff member take care of parking their vehicles. The valet parking service is handled from just outside the Arrivals concourse, and the parking area used for these vehicles is P5. The car valet at the airport offers the services of car park reservations, auto drop-off for parking and custody, assistance for loading baggage, car wash and tire changes, and 24 hour car surveillance. Reservations can be made over the phone at 081 7896366.

Plenty of reserved parking spaces are available for disabled drivers at Naples Airport. A total of 34 spaces are located in a few of the parking areas. Twenty in P1, three in P2, two in P4, three in P6, 5 in P7 and 1 in P8. These parking spaces are all located for easy access to the airport terminal. Ramps and wide pavements facilitate the movement of wheelchair bound passengers, and two call buttons are positioned outside the airport’s entrance from where passengers can call for assistance. Within the airport there are disabled toilet facilities and lifts for upper floor access. Additional assistance can be arranged with your airline company at least 48 hours in advance of your departure flight.

Payments for parking services rendered can be made at one of the eighteen payment points located at various places within the terminal and parking areas. Numerous automatic tills are available which accept credit cards or cash, and there is a manned car park information stand open from 05:00 to 24:00. Their contact number is 081 7896325. Motorists who want to pay by credit card can also pay at the car park exit lanes on their way out of the airport. The car park ticket will then be stamped at the exit column upon payment. Parking charges are at an hourly or daily rate, and vary according to the parking lot you use. Short-term parking is generally charged at Euro 3.5 per hour, or between Euro 29 and Euro 32 per day. Mid-term parking rates are Euro 3 per hour and Euro 16 from the second day of parking. The long-term parking area is the most cost effective, at Euro 2.50 per hour and Euro 12 per day from the second and third day of parking. From the fourth day motorists will only pay Euro 10 per day, and thereafter weekly rates of Euro 69 are applicable.

Further options for parking payments and reservations are available at Naples Airport. New prepaid park cards can be purchased at the parking payment kiosks, and these cards offer a 10% discount on the parking rates of all the car parks. Motorists can also reserve a parking spot online. Although your credit card number is requested when booking the space, no charges will be deducted at that time. This is for the recognition of your credit card when the transaction is made. You will need to insert your credit card into the ticket distributor before receiving your parking ticket. A 1 Euro booking fee will be charged to your card when the payment is made. Owners of vehicles parked at the airport for a period which exceeds three months must pay all amounts accrued up until that time.

Further information on parking at Naples Airport is available from the manned parking desk or the information desks within the airport terminal buildings.

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