Buses to and from Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP)

Naples Airport is one of the main gateways to Southern Italy, serving over five million passengers per year. It lies within the suburbs of Capodichino, and is therefore also known as Naples Capodichino Airport. The airport is located nearby Naples, only 4 miles away from the centre of the city, and is surrounded by a few notable areas, including Arzano, Casoria, Miano, Poggioreale and Casalnuovo di Napoli. Since many passengers rely on public transport to reach their destination, Naples Airport offers a range of bus services from the terminal. Traveling by bus is very cost effective, and most people find it to be a comfortable and convenient way to reach the city center and other towns and cities.

The airport consists of two terminal buildings which are relatively easy to navigate. Terminal 1 is the main terminal serving the majority of arrival and departure flights, while Terminal 2 is mainly in use for charter flights. Terminal 1 is therefore the larger of the two terminals. The buses at Naples Airport leave from various points, but the buses for local transport can all be found directly in front of the arrivals area. From the airport, passengers can reach the Central Railway Station and Central Bus Station, the Port, and other destinations which are further away, such as Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, Salerno and Serre by using the bus services.

There are two main buses leading into Naples city center from the airport. These are the ANM – Line 3S and the ANM Alibus. The Line 3S bus leaves from directly in front of the arrivals area of the airport, approximately every half an hour throughout the day. Its main stops include the Central Railway Station in Naples, or the Circumvesuviana Train Station in Piazza Garibaldi, and the Brin Car Park, or the Parcheggio Brin. From here there are connections with Circumvesuviana trains and other buses leaving for various destinations.

The Alibus travels to Piazza Garibaldi as well, allowing you to reach the main train station in Naples, and to Piazza Municipio, from where Port connections are available. The boat services run during the months of May to October and provide transportation to areas such as Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Pozzuoli, Sapri, Palinuro and Agropoli. The boats leave from Beverello Dock. More information is available at www.metrodelmare.com. The Alibus leaves from Naples Airport approximately every 20 minutes from just outside the arrivals area. Bus tickets for these two services can be purchased on the bus. More information about the Line 3S bus and the Alibus can be found online at www.anm.it.

The main bus station in Naples is located in front of the Naples Stazione Centrale, or Central Railway Station in Piazza Garibaldi. Buses for other major Italian cities and some European cities have numerous daily departures from the bus station. There are also many buses which travel to more local destinations in the area, in particular, the popular holiday resort of Amalfi, as this area is not served by trains. Some of the buses at the station are operated by the Naples Public Transport Board, while others are more privately operated, such as the SITA and Curreri buses. SITA buses travel to Salerno and Sorrento, while ATAC buses provide transport to the Cilento coast from Salerno to Sapri. Tickets for the various bus services can be purchases from booths or ticket machines at the bus stop, or from newsagents, tobacconists and some coffee shops in Naples.

Other buses departing from Naples include Bus Air to Avellino, Bus FBN to Benevento and Bus CTP to Caserta. The bus stops for these services can be found about 300 meters from Terminal 1. The bus to Avellino is available approximately every hour, while the other two services are available approximately every hour and a half. The Bus Buonotourist departs from just outside the arrivals area and travels to Salerno, while Bus Eliseo travels to Serre (SA). Bus SITA also provides connections to Salerno. Passengers arriving at Naples Airport can purchase bus tickets for these services from the Sunstore Shop located in the arrivals area.

Another very popular bus route is from Naples to Sorrento, served by the Curreri Viaggi Bus Company. There are buses leaving throughout the day, approximately every two hours, although it is wise to consult a bus schedule before planning your trip as the timetables vary depending on the time of year. Winter bus timetables can be considerably different to those in the summer time. The journey to Sorrento is about an hour and fifteen minutes and includes the main stops of Castellamare, Vico Equense, Meta, Piano Sorrento and Sant’ Agnello. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver and cost around ten Euro per person per one-way journey.

There are also taxi services at the airport, but traveling by bus is always a far cheaper form of transport. Further information on Naples buses is available at the information desks within the airport terminal buildings.

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