Getting to Pescara Airport

Pescara Airport has the official airport code of PSR, and is located in the Abruzzo region of Italy. For this reason, another common name for the airport is Abruzzo Airport. The city of Pescara, which is the capital of the region, is located only four kilometers from its airport. The Italian airport of Pescara is not the largest, handling just over 400,000 passengers per year, but it is international, and considered to be an important gateway to the area. Many towns and cities of interest lie nearby, and Pescara Airport can be easily reached by road from any direction. There are a couple of major roads and highways that lead from Pescara Airport to other prominent Italian cities in the area.

Pescara Airport’s location is said to be on the border between the city of Pescara and San Giovanni Teatino, and is situated right on the ‘Strada Stratale Tiburtina’. Motorists travelling from the centre of Pescara will reach the airport in about ten or twenty minutes, depending on traffic conditions, and can use the satellite co-ordinates of 42° 25' 42'' N, 14° 11' 15'' E. When travelling to any airport, time should always be spared for possible traffic congestion, especially during rush hour times. There will also be time needed for finding a suitable parking space or the return of your rented vehicle, and for completing the check-in and security procedures of the airport before the departure flight.

Prominent Italian cities within driving distance of Pescara Airport include Rome, Naples and Bologna, however, Bologna is a little further away, just over 300 km from the airport. The route between Rome and Pescara Airport is popular for many visitors, and is also well connected by bus services. This major city is approximately 154 km, or 96 miles from Pescara, and driving to the airport from this area is relatively easy via the A25 Rome-Pescara motorway. Once nearing the Pescara area, motorists will take the ‘Chieti-Pescara’ exit, and follow the ‘asse attrezzato’ freeway towards Pescara. There will be another exit, named as the ‘Sambuceto-Aeroporto’, and this will lead to the airport. From here, motorists can simply follow the airport signs to the terminal and parking area. Along the way from Rome, a few areas of interest include Trivoli, Avezzano, Pescina, Manoppello and Cheiti.   

Although Bologna is further away, it is a lovely drive from this city to Pescara Airport, all the way down the Adriatic coastline of Italy. Perhaps there could even be time to stop at a few of the very charming coastal towns along the way, such as Rimini, Pesaro and Ancona. Ravenna is also located nearby Bologna. The A14 highway links Bologna to Pescara Airport, and motorists should take the ‘Pescara Ovest-Chieti’ exit when nearing Pescara. Turn right twice after the exit, and follow the Tiburtina road towards Pescara. Drive for about two kilometres, until reaching the airport on your left hand side.

Napoli is another very important city only 180 km from Pescara, and can be reached via the A3 and A1 motorways, as well as the SS630, SS590 and SS690 roads. A portion of the A25 will also be used for the journey. Other airports in the vicinity of Pescara Airport include those of Perugia, Firenze and Ancona to the north, and Foggia, Bari and Brindisi to the south of the peninsula.

Motorists will find adequate parking facilities at Pescara Airport, and a single terminal building that is well equipped with a variety of useful amenities. There are full banking services available, ATMs and currency exchange services, and two conference rooms for corporate events. The meeting rooms are air conditioned and comfortable, and various items of equipment can be requested for use during meetings. The ticket office is located in the departures area, and sells tickets for scheduled IATA flights as well as for low-cost airline companies. The office is open every day of the week, from 07:30 to 19:00, although on Mondays, it is open from 05:30.

There are a couple of shops and restaurants in the terminal, including a self-service restaurant and a duty-free store. The terminal is fully accessible for disabled passengers, with lifts for vertical movements, adapted toilet facilities, reserved parking areas nearby the terminal entrance and special aircraft boarding equipment. Further assistance may also be requested from the passenger’s airline carrier.

Besides by car, getting to Pescara Airport is easy as it can also be reached by bus, taxi or train. A frequent bus service connects the city centre and railway station of Pescara to the airport, and a few coach services offer longer distance journeys from cities such as Rome. There is no actual train station on the airport site, but anyone arriving at the large station in Pescara can easily travel to the airport by bus or taxi. Pescara taxis are available for reservations, or at the main bus and train station in Pescara, as well as from other busier public or tourist areas.

Passengers of Pescara Airport can use the call centre between 07:30 and 19:00 (895 898 9512 from a fixed phone line, or 899 130 310 from a mobile phone) for further enquiries, or the official airport website offers plenty of information about transport options to the airport. The website’s address is