Buses to and from Pescara Airport (PSR)

Pescara Airport lies in the Abruzzo region of Italy, and is actually the only airport in this area. For this reason, it is also commonly referred to as the Abruzzo Airport, and has the official airport code of PEG. The current number of passengers recorded for the airport are in the 400,000’s, with the year 2010 ending with a total of 461,000 passengers. The airport’s traffic exploded after the year 2000, with the introduction of many low-cost flights from Ryanair and other airline companies. Although this is still considered to be one of Italy’s smaller airports, it offers an important gateway to the Abruzzo region, and is a very well equipped airport. Transport to and from the airport is provided by a few Pescara bus and coach services. Many passengers travel by bus in Italy, as most provide efficient and convenient services.

The airport has a single terminal building, and since it is not a very large airport, its facilities within the terminal are easy to find. All arrivals are handled from one area, while departures take place from another. From just outside the arrivals area, passengers will find the bus stops, and the bus and coach transport services which link the airport to other important Italian towns and cities. Tourists in Italy will find that this country has an excellent bus transport network, and that it’s relatively easy to travel by bus to many destinations from any airport or city.

From outside the terminal there are Pescara Airport buses that offers frequent trips to the city of Pescara, which is located just four kilometres from the airport. This bus is known as Bus No.38, and is available approximately every fifteen minutes from the bus stops outside the arrivals area. The bus service is available every day from Pescara Airport, from approximately 05:30 in the morning to 23:30 at night. The destination of the No.38 Bus is the Pescara Centrale Railway Station, from where connections can be made by train or coach services to other towns and cities. The bus actually stops at the Piazza della Republica, which is a large square in front of the train station.

Transport by bus is always much more cost efficient than hiring Pescara Airport taxis, and the trip to Pescara city will only cost around one Euro for a one-way ticket, while a taxi could cost fifteen Euros or more. For this reason, many passengers prefer to catch the bus. The journey to Pescara will take between ten and twenty minutes, depending on the time of day you are travelling and the traffic conditions leading into the city. Bus tickets can be purchased at the airport, from automated ticket machines, or from the information and travel desks located in the arrivals hall. When travelling by bus in Italy, your ticket is usually required to be validated, or stamped upon entrance to the bus, and a one-way ticket is valid for about an hour after purchase.

Some of the destinations travelled by buses at the Pescara Centrale Station include the wonderful medieval town of Penne, and the area of Manoppello. The main bus company in the Abruzzo region is ARPA, and they offer services to many major and minor Italian cities. An ARPA bus will take you to Manoppello at around 18:30, and even travels past the Volto Santo Hotel in the area should you need to stay the night.

The ARPA Bus Company offers services from the Pescara Old Railway Station to Rome, which is a popular trip taken by many visitors. Buses also travel to Cheiti, Teramo, Naples, Salermo and Aquila from Pescara. Bus tickets for the ARPA bus services can be purchased from where the buses depart at the railway station, or online, from ARPA’s website at http://www.arpaonline.it. Customers can view time schedules and further information about this bus company on their website.

Discounted tickets for the ARPA bus services are available for children between the ages of three and twelve whom are traveling with two adults, and for groups of over ten passengers traveling together. Tickets can also be purchased for a few months of travel on the ARPA buses.

The Prontobus Company is another coach service that operates from the Pescara Railway Station. It travels all the way from Pescara to Rome Tiburtina, as well as to the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino. Some of the bus’ stops along the way include Avezzano, Torre De Passeri and Chieti. Prontobus is an official partner of many major airline companies and Abruzzo Airport, and was founded in the year 2000. Their bus services are very comfortable, with air conditioning and friendly staff members who will be able to assist with your luggage. Bookings and reservations for their services can be made online, at http://www.prontobus.org, while their official website can be found at http://www.prontobus.com.

Passengers travelling to or from the airport using Pescara buses will find this means of transport to be very convenient, and the most cost effective way to travel as well. Further information is available at the information desks or from the airport’s official website, at www.abruzzoairport.com.
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