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Pescara Airport (PSR) Taxis

Pescara is the only airport in the Abruzzo region of Italy, and is located approximately four kilometers from the city of Pescara, the capital of Abruzzo. Although a small airport in Italy, Pescara is considered to be an important international gateway, and closed the year 2010 with 461,000 passengers. Passenger traffic has grown considerably over the past years, and is only expected to increase in the future. Passengers arriving at the airport will find taxis ready and waiting to take them to any destination, near or far. Although taxis are more expensive than the bus services, they are a faster and more private type of journey, which many people prefer.

Pescara has just one terminal building, which is easy to navigate, with the arrivals area in one location and departures in another. Arriving passengers will find a couple of useful facilities in the airport, including car hire companies, automated ticket machines for parking payments and the purchase of bus tickets and information areas which can provide assistance. Outside the arrivals area passengers will easily find the bus stops, as well as the taxi rank. There are usually always taxis available at the airport, but passengers can call in advance to book the service of a specific driver. The taxi company at Pescara Airport is known as COTAPE, or Consorzio Tassisti Pescaresi, and their services can be reached at 085 35155.

Since that the city of Pescara is located so nearby to the airport, many passengers find that hiring a taxi is the most convenient form of transport to the city center, or to any other destination in the city. The journey to the city center only takes about ten minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about fifteen Euro.

Here, passengers will find the Pescara Centrale Railway Station, which is one of the largest train station in Europe, and provides fast and easy connections to all major Italian cities. There is also a bus terminal at the train station, with coach services to various destinations. However, if you will be staying in Pescara, a taxi will take you directly to your residence, hotel or place of business. This is one of the reasons why taking a taxi is so popular. Taxis are generally a faster service than buses, as they don’t need to make stops on the way to your destination, and are also more convenient if you have heavy luggage to transport. The taxi drivers are usually willing to offer their assistance. Families travelling with young children often find a taxi more convenient, as the journey is quicker, more private and takes them directly to where they need to go.  

Only official airport taxis should be used, and they will always be found in the taxi rank. Passengers are advised to decline any service offered to them in the arrivals area, as drivers ‘looking’ for business may not be authorized to provide their services from the airport. The taxis in Italy are mainly white or yellow in colour, and can be recognized by the ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. They should also have an identification number printed on one side, usually the drivers side, which can be used when filing a complaint should you experience unprofessional service from your driver.

Taxis in Italy, and Pescara, are metered, which means that the fare for your trip is calculated based on the distance of the journey. The meter in the taxi records the distance travelled. Passengers should always ensure that their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition, but are also advised to discuss the general taxi fare with the driver before leaving Pescara Airport. The first few kilometres of your journey are the most expensive, while the longer your journey the lower the price per kilometre. There may be a fixed charge at the start of your journey as well. Your driver will also let you know if there will be any extra charges that are not included in the metered price, for example, fees for loading luggage, additional passengers, the transport of animals and travelling late at night or on Sundays and public holidays. The fares for taxis at night are usually about 25% to 30% more expensive than during regular daytime hours.

The average fares from Pescara Airport taxis to various nearby destinations are as follows:  Chieti Scalo città – Euro 20/30, Lido Riccio – Euro 35, Atri – Euro 45, Ortona – Euro 47, San Vito – Euro 55, Scafa – Euro 57 and Torre dei Passeri, Euro 65. Taking a taxi to San Benedetto will cost around 110 Euros, while to Avezzano, passenger will be charged approximately 150 Euros. Other destinations to which taxis travel are Sulmona, Teramo and Porto D’Ascoli.

Pescara Taxis have friendly drivers who are willing to offer their advice on the Pescara area, and are a reliable source of transport to any destination. Further information about taxis is available on their official website, at
If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Pescara Airport.

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