Low Cost Pescara Airport Parking

Pescara Airport is located approximately four kilometres from the city centre of Pescara, and in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Due to its location, the airport is also commonly referred to as Abruzzo Airport, and is in fact, the only airport in this region. The airport is international, and considered to be an important gateway to Italy, even though it is one of the smaller airports. At the close of 2010, passenger traffic at the airport was recorded at around 461,000 passengers. Low cost airline companies such as Ryanair have greatly contributed to the increase in popularity of smaller Italian airports such as Pescara since the year 2000. The airport is modern and well equipped with a variety of facilities, including adequate parking spaces.

Pescara is within easy passengers coming from Rome, Bologna and Napoli often travel driving distance of many prominent Italian towns and cities, and the journey to the airport. There are also nearer areas that are of interest, such as Chieti, Ortona, Atri, Manoppello, Penne and Pineto. Major roads and motorways connect all these areas to the airport, and provide an easy way to travel to the airport. The city of Pescara itself is just a ten to twenty minute drive, depending on traffic conditions. Motorists arriving in Pescara will find a single parking area, with about 500 parking spaces available.

The parking lot at the airport is used for short-term and long-term parking. Short-term parking is considered to be for a few minutes or hours, but not usually longer than a day, while long-term parking is for periods exceeding twenty-four hours, and even for a few weeks depending on the needs of the passenger. The company of SAGA S.p.A manages the car parking area and any enquiries can be sent to parking@abruzzo-airport.it.

At many of the larger Italian airports passengers are nowadays prohibited from stopping directly at the curbside of the terminal building. This is mainly due to new security regulations in place. However, at many smaller airports, such as Pescara, this is still permitted. The ‘drop and go’ zone is intended only for dropping off passengers and luggage, and not for parking of any length of time. Motorists may under no circumstances leave their vehicles unattended in this area. Cars found empty will be towed away. For the collection of arriving passengers, the parking area should be used, unless the passenger is already waiting at the curbside. Any cars found waiting will be asked to move along.

Drivers using the Pescara Airport parking facilities will take a ticket when entering the area, and this should be kept somewhere safe, as it is necessary for the payment of the parking period, and allows exit from the parking area. Parking fees is necessary to pay before leaving the airport, at the automated ticket machines in the arrivals area of the terminal, or at the exit of the parking lot. However, it is recommended that passengers use the machines for payment, to avoid queues at the exits. The parking ticket machine accepts credit cards and cash, and is able to provide change should cash be used. Once the payment has been made, the driver has a few minutes to leave the airport. Payments should, therefore, only be made when the driver is ready to leave the airport.

The first twenty minutes of parking is free of charge, while thereafter, a certain charge is made per hour of parking. One hour will cost motorists around €2.00, and two hours is charged at €4.00. Three hours of parking will cost €5.00, four hours will cost €6.00 and five hours will cost  €7.00. From here on the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth hours will cost an extra €0.50 for each hour, starting at  €7.50 for six hours of parking. Parking for eleven hours is around €10.50, while twelve hours of parking will cost €11.00. Passengers who need to leave their vehicles for longer periods of time at Pescara Airport will be charged €11.00 per twenty-four hours.

Parking subscription cards are available for passengers or businesses that regularly use the parking facilities at the airport. A one year pass providing unlimited access to the parking area is just €700.00. A one month subscription will cost €180.00, and there are also weekly options available, for €50.00. The parking subscriptions cards, as well as prepaid cards are available at the ticket office in the departures area.

Disabled persons are well catered for at Pescara Airport as it is equipped with a variety of facilities designed for their comfort. There are also eight reserved parking spaces located nearby the terminal entrance or the lift to the air terminal. All disabled passengers should display their disabled sign. Parking is free of charge for passengers with reduced mobility. The car parking facilities are open 24 hours a day.

Further information about parking at the airport is available online, at www.abruzzoairport.com.