Places to visit in Pescara

Pescara Airport is located approximately four kilometres from the city centre of Pescara, and is the ideal landing point to enjoy some of Italy’s finest beaches along the Adriatic coastline. The city of Pescara and its airport is found in the Abruzzo region of Italy, and the airport is actually the only one serving this area. It is therefore also commonly referred to as the Abruzzo Airport. Approximately 400,000 passengers make use of the airport each year, and many of these people are local Italian tourists coming to enjoy a welcomed vacation. International visitors also arrive from the United Kingdom.

Pescara is most definitely best known for its amazing stretches of clean and sandy beaches. The city has some ten miles of wide beaches that are enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists every summer. The Viale Delle Riviera can also be referred to as the real heart of Pescara, and a stroll along the seafront is one of the best ways to spend time in Pescara. There are some facilities available in the beachfront area, including a few ‘stabilimenti’, which are clubs where you can find many quality restaurants and playgrounds, and umbrellas that can be used on the beach. After swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic, tourists often head down to find a tasty lunch in one of the fisherman’s huts/restaurants, which are nearby the harbour. Seafood is served, along with other famous Italian cuisines.

Pescara is a very modern city in terms of Italian standards, and originates from two small fishing villages, which were merged in 1927. The Pescara River divides the city into the north and south, and flows from the Apennine Mountains. These snowy mountains frame the city, and they are a popular area for hiking, as well as home to many of the region’s national parks. Since Pescara is so modern, it does not offer as many historical attractions like other more famous Italian cities, but its beautiful coastline is more than attracting for many visitors. Pescara has often been just a train station or port on the way to somewhere better, but is now becoming increasingly popular with local Italians and international visitors. The city of Pescara has a population of around 130,000 inhabitants, and most shops and stores are open from nine in the morning till one in the afternoon, and again later from 16:00 to 20:00. Banks are open in the mornings until lunchtime, and then open again for an hour until 14:15. Larger supermarkets are open from 09:00 to 21:00.

There are a number of museums and areas of interest in Pescara. In Viale G. Marconi, tourists will find the Basilio Cascella Museum, which is a historic art museum with numerous works of the Cascella family. This family had a very important influence during the Art Noveau movement. A local tradition of the region is displayed in the Museo Delle Genti D’abruzzo at Via delle Caserme 22. The Museo D’arte Moderna is nice museum with a variety of magnificent work of art by contemporary International and Italian artists. This museum is found in the Piazza Primo Maggiore.

A famous area in Pescara is Gabriele D’Annunzio’s birthplace, on Corso Mathone. D’Annunzio was a controversial poet who wrote numerous poetry relating to the Abruzzo region, and helped to shape the philosophy of the famous dictator, Mussolini. At this location, tourists will find some of the poet’s letters and documents on display. A religious building of interest in Pescara is the Cathedral of San Cetteo, which is the church of the patron saint of the city. This church features the marble mausoleum of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s mother, as well as a couple of stunning pieces of artwork. An interesting collection of statues that were created by Giudo Costanzo are available to view at the Palazzo Del Governo, found in the Piazzo Italia. This creator comes from Ortona.

Chieti is a small town located just twenty minutes from Pescara, and is a wonderful place to spend a day away from the city. There is a huge Gothic cathedral that is a must to view, and the Museo Archeological di Antichita is a very interesting place to visit. Some superb archaeological finds of the area are on display, for example, Roman statues and tombs. A park, therefore great for a picnic location, also in a lovely area, in a villa surrounds the museum as well. Just nearby Chieti are the two small towns of Lanciano and Guardiagrele. Both towns are lovely examples of Renaissance history and architecture. The best way to visit smaller towns such as these is in your own vehicle. Cars can be hired from the many Pescara Airport car rental companies in the terminal building.

Pescara is more of a holiday city than a historic town; therefore there are plenty of lovely restaurants and cafés in all areas. A particularly elegant area is the Piazza Rinascita, which is a popular spot for socializing, while many small restaurants can be found around the Pescara port. A restaurant in the Old Town Pescara is the Vini E Oli, found in Via Corfinio. There is a good selection of bars and nightlife in the city, many of which can be found along the seafront. The Old Town is also a place that comes alive in the evenings, and during the summer, many nightclubs have their parties on the actual beaches.

Tourists arriving at Pescara can find out a bit more about the attractions of the area from the information points in the airport, or from the main tourist centre found at Via Paolucci 3. Their contact number is +39 085 421 9981, or more information is available online, at