Trains to and from Pescara Airport (PSR)

Pescara Airport is found approximately four kilometres from the city of Pescara, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is a small Italian airport, but international, serving around 400,000 passengers per year. Since that it is located in Abruzzo, and that it is actually the only airport in this region, it is commonly referred to as Abruzzo Airport. The airport is within easy driving distance of many prominent towns and cities, such as Rome and Bologna, and these cities are also easy to reach by train from Pescara. However, the airport has no train station on its airport site - but the train station in Pescara can be reached by bus. The railway services in Italy are very efficient, and a popular way to travel for locals and tourists.

The airport has a range of useful facilities within its terminal building, and a variety of transport options for its passengers. Buses are available to Pescara, and a variety of long-distance coach services travel to other areas, while taxis offer a bit more of an expensive ride to any destination in Pescara, or in nearby towns. In terms of railway transport, Pescara Airport does not have its own train station. Many smaller airports in Italy do not have railway stations, but this seldom poses any problems, as there are usually reliable bus services that offer transport to the nearest railway station in the cities. This is the case at Pescara Airport as well, and since the airport is located so close to the city of Pescara, the trip by bus only takes between ten and twenty minutes.

The bus that travels to the Pescara Centrale Railway Station is known as the No.38 Bus, and is available approximately every fifteen minutes, from early in the morning to late at night. The bus stops at the airport can be found just outside the arrivals area, and tickets for the bus can be purchased from automatic ticket machines, or from the information and travel desks within the arrivals area. GTM, or the Gestioni Transporti Metropolitani operates this bus service.

Buses are a much cheaper way to travel when compared to taxis at Pescara Airport. The No.38 Bus will only cost around one Euro for a one-way ticket to the train station, while a taxi could cost up to fifteen Euro or more. However, passengers who prefer to use the taxi services will also find a taxi rank just outside the terminal, with official airport taxis ready for your arrival. A taxi may more convenient if you are in a hurry to get to the train station, of if you have particularly heavy luggage. The taxi drivers are usually willing to offer their assistance. They may even be able to give advice about the trains at the station.

There are three railway stations in Pescara, namely, Pescara Centrale, Pescara Porta Nuova and Pescara San Marco. Pescara Centrale is the largest railway station in Pescara, and also the largest in the Abruzzo region, and provides an important connection to many other Italian cities. This station is also one of the most prominent railway stations in the whole of Europe, serving approximately three and a half million passengers a year. Rete Ferroviaria Italiana owns the Pescara Centrale Railway Station, which is an Italian Railway Network that is in control of many stations in other cities as well. Trenitalia operates all the trains in Italy, and Pescara, and Centostazioni SpA manages the commercial area of Pescara Train Station.

The Pescara Railway Station was originally housed in the nineteenth-century palace that is now the ICRA, but in 1962, plans were made for a new station terminal to be built. Work began on the new building shortly after its structural calculations were completed in 1970, and it was completed in 1987. The station’s address today is at Via Enzo Ferrairi, and its co-ordinates are referred to as 42°28′04″N, and 14°12′15″E.

The station terminal at Pescara Centrale is quite large, and includes the main bus terminus, a ticket office, a pharmacy, restrooms, newsstand and tobacco outlets and a parking exchange. There are eight train tracks at the station, and another two, which are linear binary logs that offer special services to the areas of Teramo and Campobasso. Eurostar City trains operate services to numerous cities and towns from Pescara Railway Station, for example, Milan, Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Foggia, Bari, Taranto, Lecce, Modena and Rimini. There are also InterCity trains to the destinations of Venice, Crotone, Turin and Bolzano, and InterCityNotte to Trieste.

Train tickets to all these areas are available from the ticket office at the train station, or from the automated machines nearby the platforms. Passengers travelling by train in Italy will need to have their tickets validated before they board the train. This is done from the little yellow machines on the platforms, which will stamp your ticket.

Passengers can also easily travel back to the airport from the Pescara Centrale Railway Station, by using the same bus service. Further information on train travel in Pescara is provided on Trenitalia’s website, at, or from airport’s official website, at
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