Getting to Treviso Airport

Treviso Airport is an Italian airport serving approximately two million passengers each year, and is otherwise known as the Treviso-Sant’Angelo Airport, due to it’s close proximity to the area of Sant’Angelo. It is also very close by to the city of Treviso, and only 20km, or 12 miles from Venice. Airline companies often refer to it as the Treviso Venice Airport, as it serves as an alternative airport to the larger Venice Marco Polo Airport. Treviso Airport directions are simple to follow, and motorists have various parking options at the airport. The directions to Treviso Airport are found on maps online, or further details can be obtained from the airport.

The airport of Treviso is found in the Veneto region of Italy, and just 3km, or 1.8 miles west-southwest from the city of Treviso. It is particularly nearby to Sant’Angelo, Canizzano, Confine, Quinto di Treviso and La Monchia. The city of Treviso is nearby to the areas of Villorba, Ponzano Veneto, Morgano, Silea and San Biagio di Callalta, while on a larger scale, Treviso Airport can be considered north of Venice, north-east of Padova (Padua), Vicenza and Verona, west of Trieste, east of Bergamo and south of Belluno.

The airport road of Treviso Airport is the Via Noalese, or the SR515, and the Via Po, or the SR53 is nearby as well. Additional roads of importance include the SS13, or the Via Terraglio and the A27, or the Autostrada d’Alemagna. The autostrada refer to the largest roads in Italy, with a travelling speed of 130 kilometres per hour. Vehicles are usually required to drive with their lights on when navigating the autostrada.

Treviso Airport directions from Treviso

Treviso is just a fifteen to twenty minute drive from the airport, but sufficient time for travelling should always be allowed in case of traffic congestion or unexpected road conditions that could cause a hold-up in traffic. The Via Noalese runs into the city of Treviso, and can be accessed from the Viale della Repubblica or the Viale Monte Grappa and Viale 24 Maggio. Head south on the Via Noalese and then slightly west. Pass the intersection for the Via Po (SR53), and continue to the airport. In Italian, the airport may be signposted as the Aeroporto di Treviso-Sant’Angelo. There are signpost directions to the airport from all the main roads and turn-offs nearby.

Treviso Airport directions from Venice

The A27 is perhaps the easiest route to Treviso Airport from Venice, however, the SS13 can be used as well. If you are coming from the historical part of Venice, on the island, take the SR11 over the Liberty bridge, and through the Mestre area until reaching the A57/E55. Head in a northerly direction on the A57 (Tangenziale di Mestre) until the turnoff for the A27 in the direction of Treviso. At Garbellotto, turn onto the SR89, and pass Silea, turning to the west onto the Via Livenza, or the SR53. After Nomadi and Borgo Mestre the airport will be on your left. Turn onto the Via Noalese and head for the airport terminal. If you wish to drive on the SS13, follow the same directions as mentioned, but turnoff onto the SS13 before reaching the A27. Head north, passing Mogliano Veneto and Preganziol, and turn left onto the Via Brenta. Turn left again onto Via Noalese, the road of the airport. The SS13 is also known as the Via Terraglio. Venice is about a half an hour drive from Treviso Airport, depending on traffic conditions. Once again, ensure that you leave in good time for your departure flight.

Treviso Airport directions from the west, north and east

From Castelfranco Veneto in the west, take the SR53 east, until reaching the turnoff for the Via Po. Turn onto the Via Noalese and continue to the airport terminal. En-route, motorists will pass the areas of Vedelago, Istrana and Paese. From areas north, the SR346 is the road to take from Montebelluna, passing Trevignano along the way, and from Conegliano, either the A27 or the SS13 can be used. The SS13 also passes Ponte Della Priula, Spresiano and Villorba. From areas just east of Treviso, such as San Biagio di Callalta, the SR53 can be used. The A4 (E70) is another large road coming from eastern areas of Northern Italy.

Motorists in their own vehicles will find a number of parking options outside of Treviso Airport, including short-term and long-term parking areas. However, passengers can also travel by bus and taxi to the airport, as there are good connections from various locations. A bus is available from the Treviso Train Station, and ATVO provides buses from the Venice Mestre Train Station. A third bus service travels from Padova. Taxis provided by the Treviso Radio Taxi company can be called to collect you from any destination. Passengers arriving in the city by train will need to use the bus services, or a taxi, as there is no train station on the grounds of the airport.

Treviso Airport boasts a new terminal building that was completed in 2007. It is named after a famous Italian artist, Antonia Canova, and the airport is therefore sometimes referred to as the Canova Airport. There is an adequate range of facilities for arriving and departing passengers at Treviso Airport, and the terminal is accessible to disabled travellers. The arrival hall is on the ground floor, and the departure facilities are found on the first floor of the terminal. There are ticket offices for the sale of airline tickets, a check-in area, a few shops and restaurants, including a duty-free store, cash machines, currency exchange services and general information counters. The offices of airport authorities are found on the third floor of the building.

Treviso Airport directions in further detail can be found online, at, or the airport can be contacted at +39(0)422 315 111.