Low Cost Treviso Airport Parking

Treviso Airport is located approximately 20km, or 12 miles north of Venice, and 3km, or 1.8 miles west-southwest of Treviso. Although the Venice Marco Polo Airport is much larger, with more connections, passengers often prefer the quieter services of Treviso Airport. It is also well equipped with a variety of facilities, and a number of significant airline companies serve the airport. Treviso Airport parking is available for motorists arriving in private vehicles, and there are a few parking areas from which to choose. Parking spaces at Treviso Airport are quite reasonably priced as well.

Treviso Airport, with the official IATA code of TSF, and otherwise referred to as the Treviso-Sant’Angelo Airport, or as the Treviso Venice Airport, handles over two million passengers per year, and is steadily growing in popularity. Ryanair is one of the main airline companies of the airport, and Germanwings, Transavia and Wizz Air are present as well. Motorists who will require a parking space at Treviso Airport will find the road network easy to navigate, and that the airport is nearby a few prominent roads and motorways. From Treviso, the airport road known as the Via Noalese can be taken to the airport, and from Venice, the A27 provides access. The SS13 can also be used from the north or south, and the SR53 is another important link to the airport.

Treviso Airport parking is available in four parking lots, and they are named A, B, C and D. One is most convenient for short-term parking, while the others can be used for medium to long-term stays. The car parks are not guarded, and should only be used at the motorist’s own risk, as airport authorities cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages sustained within. However, most passengers consider the parking areas to be reasonably safe, and confidently leave their vehicles at the airport for the duration of their holiday or business trip.

The Treviso Airport car park A is best used for short-term stays only, and is conveniently located directly in front of the terminal building. There are fifty parking spaces available, including a few which are suitable for use by disabled persons. The specially reserved parking areas are only intended for use by persons with reduced mobility, as they are located in the most convenient area for access to the terminal. They are also nearby a call point, from where airport personnel can be called to provide assistance. Parking for disabled persons is free of charge. For other motorists, the following tariffs will apply: €3.00 for one hour, €6.00 for two hours, €9.00 for three hours and €18.00 for up to twenty-four hours. €36.00 for two days, €44.00 for three days, €52.00 for four days, €60.00 for five days and €76.00 for a week of parking. Twelve days of parking in Car Park A will cost €116.00, and each day thereafter will cost an additional €6.00. The first ten minutes of parking in this area is free of charge, and perhaps a useful amount of time for dropping off departing passengers or waiting for arriving passengers.

The Treviso Airport Car Park B is also located in front of the terminal, and has 170 spaces available. It is considered as a long-term parking lot, but is still quite expensive. It is best used for short to medium parking stays. The first ten minutes are free in Car Park B as well, while the first hour will cost €3.00, the second hour €6.00 and the third hour of parking 9.00. Twenty-four hours in this parking lot will cost €13.00. A week of parking will cost €63.00 and up to twelve days will cost €103.00. Each day of parking thereafter will cost an additional €6.00.

Car Park C at Treviso Airport is located approximately 200 metres from the terminal building, and is another long-stay car park. It is the furthest parking lot from the terminal, but still within walking distance. It is the cheapest car park available, and ideal for longer-term stays. The first ten minutes are free, and then the following rates will apply: One day – €6.50, two days – €13.00, three days – €19.50, four days – €26.00, five days – €32.50, six days – €39.00, seven days – €45.50, eight days – €52.00, nine days – €58.50 and ten days – €65.00. After twelve days of parking (which will cost €78.00), an additional €7.50 will be charged. There are about 155 spaces available in this parking lot.

The Treviso Airport car park D is suitable for long-term stays, and has 143 spaces available. It is located approximately 150 metres from the airport terminal building. It is slightly more expensive than Car Park D, but still more affordable than the Car Parks A and B. A day will cost €7.50, three days will cost €22.50, six days will cost €45.00, nine days will cost €76.50 and twelve days of parking will cost €90.00. Each day thereafter is charged at €7.50. The first ten minutes are free of charge. In the car parks B, C and D, there are also reserved spaces for disabled travellers.

Passengers of Treviso Airport can book their parking space in advance of their arrival, and no charges will be taken for the reservation. However, you will be required to supply the details of your credit card, and this card will need to be inserted into the machine upon entry to the parking area. When leaving the car park, insert your card again in order for the payment to be made. Passengers without a reservation can pay for their period of parking at one of the automatic machines in the terminal building, or also by credit card at the exit of the car park. The debit card ‘The Million’ can be used as well.

At Treviso Airport, it may also be possible to ‘park’ directly outside the terminal in order to drop off departing passengers and their luggage, however, it is preferable to use the free ten minutes provided in the car parks. Information regarding Treviso Airport parking can be obtained from the airport, at contact number +39(0)422 435072.