Buses to and from Treviso Airport (TSF)

Treviso Airport is located approximately 20km, or 12 miles from the city of Venice, and is just 3km, or 1.8 miles from Treviso. It serves these cities and others in the Veneto region of Italy, and handles approximately two million passengers every year. The airport is otherwise known as the Treviso-Sant’Angelo Airport, or as the Treviso Venice Airport by the airline company of Ryanair. It has the official airport code of TSF. The airport buses provide a valuable form of transport from the airport, and travel to the main cities in the nearby vicinity. Buses are a much cheaper way to travel than by taxi, and many passengers use their services.

The airport has a large, single terminal building, well equipped to meet the needs of it’s passengers, and the building is ‘new’, having been completed in 2007. It is named as the Canova building, after a famous Italian artist, and therefore, Treviso Airport is often referred to as the Canova Airport. Arriving passengers will find various transport options available. There is a taxi rank outside the airport terminal, and bus stops nearby as well. There is however, no direct rail connection from the airport. The buses should be used in order to reach the trains of the country. There are three Treviso bus services from which to choose, each travelling to a different destination. The buses are considered to be comfortable, and an efficient and cost effective way to reach the centre of Treviso, Venice and Padova. Padova (Padua) is found to the south-west of Treviso, and to the west of Venice.

The ACTT Treviso Airport Buses

ACTT is the company operating the public urban bus service in Treviso, and provides buses from the airport to the railway station in the centre of Treviso. From the railway station, frequent connections by train and coach are available to Venice. The train takes about half an hour to reach Venice, and the train ticket will cost just over two Euro. The train travels to the Venice Santa Lucia Station. The bus from the airport is Number 6, and it operates at times which are convenient for arrival flights. The bus stop is found on Via Noalese, the airport road, nearby to the terminal, and the journey will take between fifteen and twenty minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Buses are available from the Treviso Train Station to the airport as well, at times which are convenient for departure flights.

Tickets for this airport bus can be purchased at the airport, from the ticket office in front of the ACTT Railway Station or from the bus driver. Bus tickets are slightly more expensive when purchased on the bus (2.50 Euro), than when purchased from inside the airport (1.20 Euro). On the ACTT buses, children four years of age or younger (under a metre tall) are able to travel for free, provided that they do not take up a seat on the bus. The single bus ticket is valid for 90 minutes after it’s first validation. Each ticket must be inserted into the machine on board the bus in order to be stamped. This must be done for each journey taken, while the ticket is valid. The arrow on the ticket shows which way it should be placed into the machine, and the validation of the ticket is confirmed by a green light and a short sound. Inform the driver immediately if the machine does not appear to be working. Tickets can also be purchased in booklets containing eleven tickets, or tickets valid for a day or a weekend can be purchased. Bus tickets are of two types – ‘Area’ which are the former municipal type tickets valid for travel within a certain area only, and ‘ACTT entire network’ tickets allow for travel in the entire network. Another ticket is available for travel only within the walls of the city, and is valid for 75 minutes, at a cost of just 0.50 Euro. The ACTT buses are low floored vehicles able to provide services for disabled passengers as well. Further details are available online, at http://www.actt.it.

The ATVO Treviso Airport Buses

This airport bus takes passengers to the Mestre-Venice Railway Station, from where a variety of other train and bus connections are available. It is also known as the Eurobus, and leaves after incoming flights. It will also wait if the airplane is delayed. The ATVO bus service is a non-stop journey from the airport to Venice, and will take approximately half an hour. Bus tickets can be purchased online, from http://www.atvo.it, at the automatic ATVO ticket machine in the arrivals baggage hall or from the ATVO ticket office in the arrival hall. The office is open from 07:30 to 22:30. The price of the journey is just over four Euro per person. Bus tickets will need to be stamped/validated in the same way as for the ACTT buses.

ATVO buses carry thousands of tourists each year, from the airports of Venice and Treviso, and aim to provide a very comfortable and convenient form of transport. The buses are all air conditioned, with plenty of storage room for luggage, and are able to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility challenges.

The Barzi Bus Service from Treviso

This bus is available at times which are convenient for flights by Transavia and Ryanair, and is operated by the Barzi Bus Service. It takes passengers to Padova (Padua), which is approximately a forty minute journey. Bus tickets can be purchased for just over three Euro, and are available from the special airport desk of the Barzi Bus Service. The desk is open from 07:30 to 22:00. Barzi can also be contacted at 348 8367185, and more information is available at http://www.barziservice.com.

The airport information desks can provide further information about the Treviso buses as well.

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