Treviso Airport Taxis (TSF)

Treviso Airport is a well established Italian airport just outside of the city of Treviso, and is also only 20km, or 12 miles from the famous city of Venice. Around two million passengers pass through the airport every year, and it is well equipped with a variety of facilities. The airline company of Ryanair refers to the airport as the Treviso Venice Airport, and many use the airport’s name of Treviso-Sant’Angelo. It is also known as the Canova Airport, after the Italian artist Antonio Canova, and has the code of TSF. Treviso taxis are readily available from outside the terminal building, and are a quick way to reach any destination. Taxis can be expensive but are more convenient than the bus services.

The airport has a new, single terminal building which is well equipped for the needs of it’s passengers, and there are a number of transport options for arriving and departing passengers. Although the airport has no train station of it’s own, there are a couple of bus services which take passengers to the nearby railway stations, and there are always taxis waiting in the taxi rank of the airport. Taxis are found just outside of the arrival area, and they are convenient for trips to many locations, nearby and further away. Taxis are often preferred by passengers who would like to quickly reach their destination, and by those who rather avoid the hustle of public transportation. A taxi will be able to drop you at the doorstep of your residence, hotel or place of business, and is therefore very convenient.

The taxi company authorized to provide transport from the terminal is Treviso Radio Taxi (CO.TA.TRE), and no other taxi services should be used. It is often the case at Italian airports that unauthorized taxi drivers try to find passengers in the arrival area. These services should be declined, as they may not meet the higher standards of the taxi company permitted by the airport authorities. There will be a greater chance of being overcharged for the service, and their vehicles may not be properly licensed or roadworthy. There may also be no official number to contact should complaints arise. Always go to the taxi rank outside the terminal building, where the vehicles of the airport taxi company will be waiting. However, if you have reserved a taxi, the driver may be waiting for you in the arrival hall, holding a sign with your name on it.

Although there are generally taxis available, especially after arrival flights, the taxi company at Treviso Airport can be contacted in advance for a reservation. Their number is +39 0422 43 15 15. Should you arrive at the airport and there are no taxis, go to the information stand in the arrivals area and ask the personnel of the airport to call one for you. No charges will be asked for this service. The taxi company can also provide vehicles suitable for disabled travellers, and it is always recommended to reserve a special service in advance of your arrival.

A variety of vehicles can be hired from the taxi company. There are larger minibuses with space for eight passengers, and cars which are able to seat four, five or six passengers. The vehicles are all of high quality, considered to be in good mechanical condition, and have air conditioning. The taxis are also equipped with a satellite system and with video surveillance. The satellite system allows the nearest taxi to serve the customers in order to avoid long waiting periods.

The following destinations are quite popular by taxi from Treviso Airport, and the approximate fares listed are for a usual sized vehicle carrying four passengers. The rates are also for weekday, daytime hours, as night trips and travelling on a Sunday or public holiday is more expensive. Piazzale Roma VE – 70.00 Euro, Lido di Jesolo (Piazza Drago) VE – 75.00 Euro, Bibione VE – 150.00 Euro, FS Trains Station Mestre VE – 58.00 Euro and Venice Airport (Marco Polo) – 56.00 Euro. A trip to the train station in Treviso is set at a fixed price of 15.00 Euro. Further information regarding taxi rates can be found at the airport information desk, or by contacting Treviso Radio Taxi. Keep in mind that there may be additional charges for luggage loaded, animals transported in the vehicle and for more than four adult passengers, i.e. a larger vehicle.

Departing passengers will also find that the taxis are a convenient way to reach the airport. There are taxi ranks at the train stations in Treviso and Venice, at Piazza Indipendenza (Independence Square) in the city centre (Treviso) and at the City Hospital (Treviso). The rank at Independence Square is also just a few steps away from Piazza dei Signori. The vehicles of the official airport taxi company can be recognised by the logo written on the external part of the taxi doors, along with a taxi number. If you have called a taxi to come and collect you, check that the number corresponds to the one which was mentioned over the telephone. Taxis in Treviso operate from 04:30 in the morning on weekdays until 01:30 the following morning. On Saturday, Sundays and public holidays their service starts at 04:00 in the morning, and end at 02:00 the following morning.

Treviso taxi company has a website which is very informative at, and their email address for further enquiries is The airport can also be contacted for further information at +39(0)422 315 111.